How to Build Your Email List With Video Marketing?

Digital Marketing / September 8, 2017

In the digital age, the creation and promotion of content is continually changing. Due to changes in Google’s algorithm, paid content is king. Instead of promoting organic content, it instead paid search has become the most effective way for businesses to expand their reach and target new customers.

From social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to paid video advertising on news websites, it can sometimes be hard to understand whether content is native or paid. Instead of old approaches like pop-up ads, content marketing has become the new approach to both engage customers and convert sales. This, however, sometimes blurs the lines between native and paid content and forces advertisers to be more creative than ever.

The first and most important step when creating paid advertising—and the thing that makes it the hardest to distinguish—is high-quality and engaging content. Though content has many definitions, as it can be videos, photos or audio, it is designed to be as undisruptive as possible. This is the exact opposite of traditional advertising, whose goal is to be disruptive and attention-grabbing. Content marketing also has three times the leads per dollar spent when compared to paid advertising, signaling that users respond well to this type of ad.

While both content advertising and native advertising are meant to seamlessly blend in with similar organic content, content advertising has one advantage: it shouldn’t matter if the consumer can tell whether or not it’s an add. If the quality is high and the subject matter is of interest, the consumer is still benefitting in the end. While it can range from a tweet or Instagram post to longer form editorial content to a video clip, if it is thoughtfully produced and providing information to the viewer, consumers won’t feel the need to distinguish between paid and native. And, content marketing has a conversion rate six times higher than other methods; even if consumers don’t recognize the ad, they are engaging with it and purchasing the products.

According to Inc., a consumer is 85% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching branded video content. Video views per day have quadrupled on Facebook in the last year, according to Salesforce, showing the effectiveness and usefulness of these new content advertising methods. Nielsen found that “even if a viewer sees a portion of a video ad, they were positively affected by that brand,” Salesforce said on their blog. So, though content can be distributed without being recognized, it seems that consumers are engaging with this new method.

Questions to consider:

How is native advertising different than content advertising?

If the content is high-quality, should a consumer care if it is an advertisement?

What are the advantages of paid video advertising over editorial content?


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Hannah Warne

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With a community of over 400 million active accounts sharing content daily, Instagram is a go-to source of visual content, inspiring users to view products and take action – which makes it a great resource for advertising with images and video marketing campaigns. And just like with any other form of advertising, there are certain things you should do in order to maximize your results. Here are a few of them:

# 1 – Make your ad look less like an ad

Instagram is without a doubt, a visual platform. Having ads that don’t look like ads will increase views and engagement. The audience is a lot more likely to stop and check out the content, if it looks like the image or video is something that a friend would post, instead of an actual ad. How can you do that?

Keep text to a minimum

When your video marketing campaign shows up on Instagram, it will be muted. Although some text might be needed, do keep it to a minimum. Ads with little to no text are more effective, which is one of the reasons why Facebook only allows a small percentage of text on ads. Use the right colors and designs to stand out and increase brand awareness.

Incorporate people into your video

Images that contain faces, get more likes than other types of content, and the same applies to videos. “Faces are powerful channels of non-verbal communication. We constantly monitor them for a variety of contexts, including attractiveness, emotions and identity.” – Saeideh Bakhshi, Georgia Tech College of Computing

# 2 – Focus on a specific goal

With social media video marketing campaigns, you have a very limited amount of time to grab the audience’s attention; in fact, the first few seconds of an Instagram video ad are crucial to keep the viewer from scrolling past it. Create your video marketing campaign with your audience and brand in mind, and make every second count.

# 3 – Use the right dimensions

Videos that fill the whole screen look more professional, keep the audience engaged, and it speaks volumes in terms of quality. Instagram’s specs are 1080×1080 for traditional videos and 1080×1920 for Stories.

# 4 – Add a strong Call to Action

 Keep your call to action clear and simple. Instead of sending the audience to your bio to click the link, add a button with a call to action to your ad. It’s all about convenience!

# 5 – Optimize your landing page

As we can see, the general audience likes convenience, and there is nothing worse than leading them to a landing page not optimized for mobile use; after all, that is where your Instagram video views will come from. That is one of the fastest ways to lose the audience. Make the landing page efficient and effective, and always test all links and buttons to ensure it is all functioning.

These simple and effective tips will take your video marketing campaigns to the next level by increasing engagement and converting clicks into customers.

Learn about creating video marketing campaigns, social media video ads, and more at DigitalLagos.



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Daniele Lanzarotta
Daniele Lanzarotta has a MBA in Marketing and works in brand development, audio & video editing, and film production. She enjoys writing about marketing, movie reviews, and fiction novels.

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Digital Marketing Highlights from the Merkle Q4 Digital Marketing Report That Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

The latest round of complete digital marketing statistics was recently released by the long-time trusted, data-drive source – Merkle’s Digital Marketing Q4 Report (DMR). The data reveals some astounding (and some also not so surprising) statistics and insights that every digital marketer should know when evaluating your and optimizing your digital marketing strategy.

In this article you will discover some of the most useful stats in digital marketing today, ranging from SEO, to social media, to web video production. You will also be given insights from the data that you should use to develop your digital marketing strategy.


Social Media Paid Advertising:


1. Paid Facebook ad impressions drop 27%

This 27% drop in alignment with Facebook’s agenda to optimize the user experience, reformatting the content and content types that are put in front of user. In case you missed this, a couple months ago, Facebook publicly stated that they want users to see less business page and ad content, and more personal, original content coming from within the users’ network. As a result, the ad spend growth also went down significantly. Yes, the chart says +20%. However, the previous three quarters saw a 40% increase, so really the growth of ad spend is down significantly from the previous months.

facebook impressions drop and ad dollars spent do not grow as much

I was actually surprised by this. I predicted the growth rate would be down, but I originally thought it would be less than 20%. This somewhat steady growth is likely a result of one of two things: 1. Marketers just were not fully aware of Facebook’s content plan, or 2. Facebook is still a strong resource for paid digital marketing. After all, it still has really great stats as far as impressions and conversions go, and has absolutely amazing resources that enable advertisers to target a very specific audience.


2. Alternatively, Instagram’s impressions increase 99% – resulting in a major increase in ad spend

One of the highlights of the DMR is the investment and subsequent growth of Instagram. I am so happy this finally happened, because this is something I have predicted over the last several years. The reason for the increase in impressions (and let me be clear here, that this is not in the report, but a result of my own analysis and predictive marketing tactics) is they are simply “doing it right” oh behalf of their viewers.

instagram impressions grow and so does paid advertisement

Instagram has impressively found a way to provide the specific type of content that their audience wants. With Instagram… 1. You’ve always gotten visual content, which is both trendy and psychologically driven, 2. You’ve always gotten the latest content trend types (including stories, moving images, multi-image galleries, gifs and auto-playing short videos) 3. You’re always getting original, high-quality content that’s highly customized to each individual viewer. And it’s not polluted with fake news and ‘cheap’ advertisements. Because the content standards were set high from the beginning, the standards have always remained high. This is why the high-quality web video production is required for any video you plan to use on Instagram.

This also explains the 122% increase in ad spending. Another factor explaining the sharp increase in ad spend is the potential to monetize on Instagram’s recent December update, which allows users to follow specific hashtags. Additionally, as a Facebook-owned platform, marketers can take advantage of all the targeting capabilities that Facebook has to offer. For these reasons, it’s no wonder that Merkle predicts Instagram will continue to outpace that of Facebook.


3. Twitter Ad spend increased 44%, while the impression growth was only at 12%

While 12% does reflect a modest growth in impressions, this does not at all match the 44% increase in brands’ ad expenditure. The most likely reason for this increase is not from increased ad purchases, but instead the rising cost of click and impression pricing for Twitter – which they justify by saying that engagement is also going up. While I am biased, having never been a firm believer in Twitter marketing, I think that even Merkle would agree with me that paid Twitter ads should not be the largest portion of your social media budget this year.

twitter impressions do not see a large increase

Mobile Social Media


4. 75% of website visits from social media are done on a mobile device

Well, this one may not sound like anything new, but it’s an important reminder. It’s important because as a viewer (and potential customer) I, myself even find that it’s not always easy to access the website from the social page or post. Perhaps this is why only 4% of website visits come from social media. So make sure that it is easy for every viewer to access more of the information that peaked their interest from your social media page.

sharing on social media continues to increase on mobile devices

Another important thing to keep in mind is that perhaps social media shouldn’t be about bringing traffic to your website. If your primary goal is SEO, then you want the traffic and your social media should be optimized for that. However, if not, then you’re still getting impressions and giving valuable education to the viewer that is still contributing to your marketing efforts. In this case, focus on making a strong impression, but just a click to your website. As a social media user, I prefer my social media experience to stay within the platform (not going out to other web pages), but I am certainly still influenced by the content I see from businesses and ads. The best types of content for making strong impressions on your customers are always visual. The best content type is video, followed by moving images or gifs, custom images and infographics and then text.


Organic Search & SEO


5. Organic search produces largest growth in site visits in 2 years

The total number of website visits as a result of organic search grew by 6% – making this the strongest rate of growth since 2015. An even more notable number is the mobile organic search visits rate, which grew by 15% in the last several months.

We should also note that as advertisers were busy pushing bids for paid desktop search ads, this in turn, showed a slight rise in desktop organic search visits (after this percentage had fallen sharply the previous year). So content marketers, make sure to also keep up with paid advertising costs.

organic search continues to rise on phones


As digital marketers, we are all very aware that the digital marketing space is ever-changing. Two years ago, no one would have imaged Facebook’s impressions dropping 27 percent! This is why it is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and statistics. Use the most recent


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DigitalLagos News Staff

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Society has an obsession with visual content. Hence the rise in visual content platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Marketers and businesses have used visual content to bring visibility to their brand for it’s effectiveness with consumer engagement. In this article, we explore the scientific reasoning behind this determine and how we can apply this psychology to create top-notch marketing content.

Content posted with colored images produced 180% more engagement. Customers are 85% more likely to purchase your product after watching a video about it. It’s no wonder then that social media platforms are becoming more and more visually-oriented, such as Instagram, Facebook live, Snapchat and YouTube. Lucky for us as marketers, this opens up a big opportunity to engage with our customers and show off our products and services. But in order to maximize our effectiveness, we need to truly understand the psychology behind it and how the human brain works. So why do we love visual content so much?


1. Process More. Process Faster.

Humans process visual information faster than text

Although we have 5 senses, our primary sense that is used to make sense of our world is sight. Simply put, we interact with our world through looking. Which is why 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is visual. This is what our brains are made to do and have done since day one. When we are first born, we immediately begin seeing things and are able to retain and make sense of that visual information right away, but we don’t learn to talk or read until much later.

Since our brains are made to be visual, and by the time we are “consumer-age,” our brains are able to process this visual information at an alarming rate. In fact, we process visual content up to 60,000 times faster.

And we don’t just process more, faster. We also retain and remember visual information far better than text, which the average person will only remember 20% of.


2. Color Captures Attention

Color is very powerful to the human brain and our emotions. Have you ever seen one of those viral videos that documents the reaction of someone that is color blind seeing a new color for the first time? It almost makes the viewer want to cry with joy!

But here we are, left wondering why is colorful so powerful to us?

There are two primary components of the eye that allow us to capture visual information to send to the brain. Rods and cones. The cones are responsible for color, and were developed to help us stay away from danger, particularly poison. So color really taps into our “lizard brains,” making it an extremely powerful tool for our survival. And although it has been a long time, these innate and instinctive behaviors don’t just simply vanish from humans. A recent study from the University of Berkeley, California concludes that we do still have strong negative and positive associations of color. While some of these will differ from the individual’s personal experience, the following can be generalized: Blues and greens are associated with nature, good health and cleanliness, white, along with blue is also associated with ‘freshness’ and clean living, and browns and certain shades of yellow evoke negative connotations (because these were colors we wanted to generally avoid while foraging for food – and we still dislike them thousands of years later).


3. Movement Captures Attention Too

psychology of video marketing

You know that feeling when you abruptly see something move out of the corner of your eye? It might give you an eerie feeling because you can’t tell who or what it was. Our heads immediately snap to the direction of the movement.

Rods, which capture peripherals and movement in our eyes. According to this article, “these rods in our eyes are more sensitive to movement for one very good reason, perhaps the ultimate reason – to keep us alive.”

Movement is so powerful to us for the same reason as color – it taps into our lizard brain for survival instinct. So when we see movement, it will capture our full attention and keep it, until we know it’s no longer a “perceived threat.” So if you are constantly changing the movement and information coming in, you will hold attention.


4. Visual Content is Simple Content

Our human brains are extremely complex. So complex, that they are simple. Or rather they simplify everything that they can in order to process complex information more efficiently and rapidly. Essentially, our brains identify and create shortcuts for us to make everything seem more simple.

So as much as our brains need stimulation, they really crave simple ideas and simple tasks where we can create these shortcuts. A shortcut for our brain is visual processing, because it is able to process that information much more quickly and with less effort. In fact, it only requires 50% of our brain to process a visual advertisement. This is also why public signs so often have a distinct look and portray information visually. Yes, it breaks down the language barrier, but it also makes things more efficient. Just imagine you’re driving and a sign reads “watch out, upcoming road will be windy and have a lot of turns.” You might pass that sign before you even read it all! Or you could just have a visual of an arrow and turns like the one below.

And this is exactly why we always say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

we process simple visual information the fastest


5. Emotion Evoking

facial expression is powerful in visual content marketing

Perhaps the one thing that the human brain loves more than visuals are emotions. Reading facial emotions is universal according to this science brief by the APA. While we can experience emotions through text, we are true experts at reading facial expressions and emotions. “One of the things we are watching from day one is faces. Babies, even before their eye muscles are capable of focusing, still turn and face their mothers. We are hardwired to seek out a round object with two dark bands (one for the eyes, one for the mouth) even before we can see them clearly.”

Reading emotions visually through facial expression is one thing. But we also have the ability and oftentimes will feel that emotion in one of three ways. 1. Nostalgic – when we see an expression on another’s face, we often remember a time when we felt that emotion too, 2. Imagination – we will imagine ourselves feeling a certain way too, or a uniquely human characteristic 3. Empathy – we truly feel the emotion of that other person.

Other visuals also play a role in emotions, including color. For example, if we see a picture of someone with a slight smile and a white background, it will not be as emotionally powerful to us as an image of that same person with a background of the blue sky and a bright yellow sun.


Marketing Applications:

Now that we truly understand the science behind our love of visual content, we can apply this knowledge to developing more effective digital marketing strategies and better content. Here are some points to consider:

  • More Visual Content – Strive to make as much content as you can visual. We aren’t saying ditch your blog posts or white papers, but add images or videos to them. Many times, you can also switch out a description for a scene and replace it with an image (like in #4), or turn a “listicle” blog post into an infographic.
  • Color – Don’t shy away from using color! But also pay careful attention to the colors you’re using.  Although the perception of color does differ across cultures, blue is almost always a safe bet.
  • Movement – Make your visual marketing content move through animations and video.
  • High-Impact Movement – Remember how we said that constantly changing the movement holds our attention? Switch up the movement in your videos. For example, if you’re producing a corporate video with a long interview of the CEO, don’t just film it all at his desk. He says 3 sentences, then you switch scenes to him collaborating on a project with a voiceover. Then switch again to him standing in front of a set of cubicles with their employees, or better yet, walking around the office. This is sure to hold the attention of the viewer longer.
  • Keep it Simple – We like visual content because it’s simple for our brains. Crazy layers or double exposure and custom graphics aren’t going to appeal to this. Especially now, in a time of digital marketing and social media, we are processing more information in a day than ever  before in history. All this stimuli actually makes us attracted to simple visuals, which is why minimalist graphic design and branding is still trending, and will likely remain a trend for years to come.


The human brain’s obsession with visual content has driven the rise of visually-oriented social media channel. This has opened the doors for companies to promote their products in a visually engaging manner, to audiences across the globe. But due to the short life of every Instagram Post, or Boomerang video, it’s crucial to get the very most out of each advertisement or content post. And after reading this article, you now understand the science behind how to capture the attention of and win over your customers. Use this knowledge and the ideas provided to create captivating visual content that is sure to fuel your marketing strategy and convert customers.


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Aleah Radovich

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The city of Lagos will take serious undoing before it loses its prime position as Nigeria’s commercial hub, while it enjoys this enviable status for obvious reasons it has also been recognised as a major driver of Nigeria’s push in pursuing all things technology.

Between 2009 and 2010, the surge in internet penetration entered double figures and  has since continued to rise to its present 46%. A fallout of this increased internet penetration in Nigeria was the birthing of digital media agencies  to cater for the marketing needs of new users and the new market that was internet driven and centered. And where else has digital marketing been more pronounced and effective than Lagos?

A few early birds took the bull by the horn in order to meet the demands this emerging market. They  were pioneer digital agencies such as Webcoupers, Byte Size, Wild Fusion and Anakle, these agencies have not just established and set the pace when it comes to online Brand Strategy, Media Services, Content Production, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Internet Marketing, and others they have also shaped it. While they are at it, newer and even innovative agencies are offering services that provide visibility for businesses.

Of course, as the foremost online marketing blog, in wide consultations with key players and study of the digital marketing clime in Lagos captures these agencies, where they are and their core areas of strength, in order to help prospective clients pick agencies that are ideal for  their marketing needs and budget size.

Wild Fusion

Wild Fusion, was founded in 2010, It has its offices in Lagos Island, Nigeria with a sizable presence in African countries such as Ghana and Kenya.

Wild fusion became the first certified Google Adwords partner in Nigeria. Its innovative drive in digital marketing was recognized with an award for “Outstanding Innovative Digital Marketing in the Year 2014, in Nigeria, during the National Marketing Stakeholders Summit and Brands and Advertising Excellence Award on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. They boast of over 4,500 followers on Facebook.

They are dedicated to offering a wide array of services covering Brand Strategy, Media Services, Content Production, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Internet Marketing, Creative Development, Internet Marketing, Web Analytics, SEO and Customer Insights. Brands that they have served include; Unilever, Knorr, Vodacom, Diamond Bank, Visa, Samsung, Pepsi, Ecobank E.t.c.


Anakle, which was also founded in 2010 and is also a certified google partner with over 5000 followers on Facebook.

They are located at 14A, Adewale Kolawole Crescent Road, Lekki, Lagos island.

Reputed for their expertise in the digital marketing world, Anakle has become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Lagos and Nigeria in general. Its main focus is to build experiences for online and offline audiences, through product development.  They also provide other marketing services.

The strength of their clientele explains why they are in the top 5. The brands they have worked for include Access bank, Coca Cola, P&G, Cussons, British Council, United Bank for Africa, First Bank, Etisalat, GT Bank, Adidas, Glo, Interswitch, MTN, Airtel, Bournvita, Diamond, Emirates Holidays, Master Card, and House on the Rock.


Webcoupers also with an impressive list of brands that patronizes them. Situated at 34, Mcneil Road, Sabo, Lagos, Nigeria, It has built a reputation for making viral campaigns, in addition to specializing in the areas of Digital Marketing, Product Innovation & Development, Creative Development, Social Media and ORM and Data Analytics are the range of marketing services Web Coupers deals with.

They have offered their services to many big names in the industry, including Surebet, Glo, QatarAiways, Bet9ja e.t.c


Bytesizeng was founded in the year 2009. The company was named the Digital Agency of the Year in 2015 for its excellence in the concerned field. It has carved a niche for itself in the digital marketing space with an impressive array of Alcholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverage brands including Amstel, star, Heinkein, Fayrouz, Gulder, Ace Roots e.t.c.

Bytesizeng offers a variety of services ranging from Search Marketing, Social Marketing, Content Marketing and Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Strategy & Planning and Programmatic Buying. They can be found at 79 Oduduwa Crescent, GRA Ikeja.

Giga Lagos

Giga Lagos they are  also among the pioneers of digital marketing.

Giga Lagos is keen on helping brands create effective marketing strategies by focusing on great designs. They have worked with many brand names and are knowledgeable about the marketing strategies, which are needed to cope with the internet-driven world.

Giga also specializes in Branding, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Digital PR, Web Development, Digital Marketing or Creative Advertising and Campaigning. Giga Lagos has its offices at 70, Olonode Street, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria.


Adhang is renowned for their aggressiveness using all platforms, when it comes to digital marketing, also  with focus on public enlightening and public relations. Their style encourages synergy and convergence between online marketing and traditional media/methods for awareness and enlightenment.

Their clients include Etisalat(now known as 9mobile), First City Monument Bank, Depeer Life Bible Church. E.t.c.


For small and medium scale entities with little or medium scale budget, Gavaar is the agency to work with. That’s not to say that it does not have its own array of high end clients. Their dedication to their craft was rewarded with the award for social media company of the year, 2015 during the Nigeria Technology awards. They are located 14a, Bayo Adejonwo Close, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria.


Digibutterfly is a Nigerian Digital marketing company, located at 73 Allen Ave. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. They are dedicated to offering assistance to ambitious organizations looking for result oriented services. They have been in the marketing world for several years and is a perfect hub for the concerns of businesses looking for affordable online presence.

Their port folio include: The heritage place, Pro Space Center, Adam Katz, Temple Schools e.t.c


TML is a Terragon Group company, a Certified Google Agency and a leading full service digital marketing agency offering a fresh and innovative approach to digital solutions on the African landscape. As a part of the Terragon Group, TML leverages on the skills and expertise from the other business units within the group to deliver a wide range of solutions to meet the various consumer engagement needs of clients.

Clients: Unilever, Closeup, Vaseline, Rexona, Sunlight Detergent, Sunlight Dishwash, Samsung, Volkwagen, Hyundai,  Its headquarters is at 98a, Island Way, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria


Alternative Adverts prides itself as an indigenous creative agency that is at the forefront of the digital revolution in Africa.  Alternative Adverts Network Services Limited, a company that promises to give Google a run for their money. They have their offices at 7 Razak Balogun St, Surulere234001, Lagos, Nigeria.

Alternative Advert is widely known for its display network and the fact that clients can get their adverts on top websites in Nigeria, and Africa is a major plus for the company especially in boosting its profile.

Clients: Airtel, Firstbank, Swift Networks e.t.c

For further enquires about where to get the best digital marketing agencies contact at Plot 4A, House 3, Block 68,Maiye Ogundana Street, Magodo Gra 2,Ahangisha, Lagos, Nigeria

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Joshua Chizurumoke Moses, is a Social commentator and creative writer. He is an ardent follower of Nigerian politics and Football enthusiast. He would love to travel the world.

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Literally everyone is aware that Video Marketing is a no-brainer marketing strategy today. With 65% of your audience being visual learners, you’d leave a lot on the table if you chose not to use this particular strategy. It is proven that people’s attention span increase by a whole of 46% while watching a video!
While these numbers are definitely exciting, it is what they represent that is most important of all – people engage the best with your brand through video. And this rate of engagement can favour your brand than anything else! Yes, Video marketing is the go-to strategy for effective marketing.
Without further ado let us jump straight into ways to help you use video marketing for effective brand building!


Whatever your service or product might be, always – always – centre your video (or any content for that matter) on the story, not the sale. Use emotions and hidden desires of your audience to connect with them through your story.
Don’t let your brand be one among the sea of sales clutter on the internet! Connect and convert. This is the formula of marketing – use your story to connect, be sure to add a related call to attention and then effectively covert your viewers into customers.


The importance of SEO needn’t be spoken about. While written content SEO is very widely spoken about, the same doesn’t stand true for video content. Though similar to written content, video SEO has a many additional factors and variable extends. Generally speaking, it depends on keywords, tags, how your video is taken, the host of your video and much more! I found this article of Forbes particularly useful in this matter.
Remember, SEO is to help the search engine bots find your content, but at the same time, try and make sure that it flows natural enough to appeal any human that might stumble upon it.


Educate your audience on their area of interest and, then, let them know how you can help – All in matter of minutes. People buy from whom they trust, not just like. And educating your audience – giving them something valuable for free – makes it easier for them to trust you. An average viewer watches 10 seconds of your video before deciding whether to watch the rest or simply close it. 10 seconds is all you have got – make each count. Leave them with something valuable by the end of the video and a little call to action, and that’s your work done well.

Video marketing can seem a little too much to handle at the beginning, but with many resources available just at the tip of your fingers, it can be a lot simpler and is really worth it once you get hold of things. Do you have a tip about video marketing that you found particular useful? Or a specific approach that you’d rather not use again? Still not sure where to start from? Contact DigitalLagos.TV

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DigitalLagos News Staff

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Visual content has gained dramatic popularity over the past few years. Videos, photos, and infographics have become essential components of a results-driven online marketing strategy. Visual assets are at the core of how progressive brands communicate their story and market their products and services. Today’s tech-savvy consumers have a very short attention span and can barely absorb text-heavy and lifeless content. Online consumers now prefer visually appealing and interactive content over the old content type. It is no exaggeration to say that a picture can tell your story more effectively than a 1000-words long text.

Leading online marketers and businesses put heavy emphasis on visuals in the online space. In fact, the use of visuals is a proven way to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. As per Thomson Reuters, marketers who give due emphasis to visual content in their marketing strategies reap the reward in forms of more fans, followers, readers, leads, clients and, of course, revenue. So why are visuals so effective? Because we are visual beings and it is super easy for us to digest complex information when it’s presented in a visually appealing manner.

What follows are some of the ways you can utilize visual content to help nurture your digital marketing and lead funnel.

Visuals increase website engagement

Visual communication has totally reshaped marketing or the way marketers and businesses interact with their audience. With the constantly evolving means of communication, consumers expect a visually appealing web experience. Have you ever analyzed the quality of your website from the standpoint of visual aesthetics? A strategic use of visuals on a site is essential to attract and retain visitors. It has been observed that content which is rich in visual elements receives more engagement and likes than content that lacks those elements.

Bring your blog to life

Blog posts are one of the most important ways of educating and attracting audiences through content. However, your blog posts should present complicated information in an understandable and persuasive way. According to an observation by Webdam, blog posts which include images generate 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. Visual content not only helps your reader understand your message quickly but also retain it for a long period of time.

Create emotional connection

When you connect with your audience on the emotional level, it leaves a long-lasting impression. The right use of infographics, images, and other visual elements will drive your readers to share your content. Moreover, aligning your visual elements with the needs of your audience can bring about dramatic results and boost the overall effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

Optimize your visual content for search engines

Search engines do consider images, videos, presentations, etc. while calculating the position of a site in SERPs. According to Search Engine Land, “It’s true that when we think of content as part of our SEO plan, our brains often go right to text; but other forms of visual content — video and imagery — are the key to being found in more places for more queries more of the time.”

Therefore, optimize your carefully chosen visual elements for search engines. By doing so, you not only engage your audience but also help your website gain brownie points from the search engines.

Use a variety of visual content

According to an observation, 40% of people respond better to an image than 1,000 words. However, you still have to be very clear about what kinds of content resonate best with your audience. Once you are, you can put each of the visuals you deem fit for your online promotion to the test and figure out their usability based on the response they receive.

In every case, make sure that your visual content is engaging as well as relevant for the end users. The secret is to create content that your prospect would find interesting and helpful enough to to make their decision process easier. All the above techniques are crucial when it comes to leveraging your online marketing efforts with rich-media content.

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Shahzada Ayub
Shahzada is a Content Writer and Marketing Strategist who has 5 years of experience writing content and managing digital marketing campaigns for companies in diverse industry verticals. He specializes in helping businesses gain online exposure with the help of quality content, SEO, Social Media and other online marketing approaches. His key areas of interest are IoT and Marketing Intelligence.

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Email marketing is an effective and cost effective way of communicating your brand message and driving online sales. If you have never considered deploying a proper email marketing strategy for your business yet, you had better think again. With a projected 3 billion email users by 2020, businesses simply can’t overlook the potential email marketing has for them if they want to scale quickly.

That being said, you don’t want to resort to run-of-the-mill practices just to keep your numbers moving up and right by purchasing an email list. Email list purchasing is a bad strategy and if you want to learn more about it, here is a comprehensive post written by Corey Wainwright from HubSpot, check out!

What follows are 5 effective ways you can build and nurture your email list with video marketing.

Create Shareable Videos

According to a Sizmek research people are 27 times more likely to click on video ads as compared to static banner ads. This higher click-through rate naturally results in more followers visiting your website and consequently generating more sales and ROI. One of the keys to building your email list is creating videos that are relevant, engaging and shareable on other platforms. Sharing in the online space is the most crucial factor for any promotional material to generate the desired results. Therefore, the more shareable elements you put in your video the more likely it is to get noticed and shared by other people. But don’t forget to ask your viewers to share their email addresses so that you could reach back out and send some more interesting material their way.

Create Gated Assets and Promote Them Through Video Marketing

Gated assets like Ebooks, Webinars, Q & A sessions, and templates etc. can really help propel your prospects forward and take some meaningful actions. The wider these assets are in variety, the easier it would become for you to attract people who are ready to take immediate action — e.g., download an ebook, subscribe to a webinar, or send a request to access a free template etc. You should design your distribution strategy such that each of these actions does require the users to share their contact information before accessing the material or service.

Once you develop some gated assets, it’s time to promote them by creating short promo videos. Make sure your video touches upon the core features of your gated asset and how valuable it is for your customers to gain an access before you get to the call-to-action part.

Here are some additional tips you may consider to help you promote your gated assets on internet:

Be Consistent

Your email list building initiative is a journey, not a one-time event. You need to be consistent with your efforts and keep on adding fresh contacts to your email list. According to a research, your email database is likely to shrink by about 22.5% every year. A lot of the contacts in your email list won’t work as people go from one company to another or choose to opt-out of your email subscription. You cannot keep everyone in all the time. What you need to focus on instead is reach out, find new contacts, and get them subscribe to your channels, blog or newsletters.

Encourage Viewers to Sign Up to Your List

Keeping your viewers engaged is crucial but getting them sign up to your email program is even more crucial. You cannot expect the viewers to remember you long if you fail to send interesting, relevant and fresh material their way often. Especially when there is so much clutter all around, it is easier for people to forget a ton of things they come in contact with daily. So make a video and make sure that you ask your viewers to sign up to your channel or email program by following an easy (one-or-two-step) signup process.

Turn Your Blog Posts into Videos

Blogging is by far the most effective way you can build your email list. However, you can make your blog posts even more interesting and digestible for your readers by turning them into engaging videos. Doing so is effective also because it makes your content look more diverse, interactive and action oriented. On the other hand, people would see an added value and regard your work more if you can make their experiences better and more pleasant. A good example is 97th FLOOR. For every blog post they publish on their website, they make it a point to create a video version of it that sums up all the key points contained therein. Here’s how they have turned their latest blog post into a video: You can follow the same example and make your blog posts super interactive to generate the desired response from readers.

Repurpose and Reuse Videos

Creating original videos may take a whole lot of time and resources, but repurposing and reusing can make those efforts worth your while. You can reach out to new, fresh audience just by giving your old videos a new theme or updating some small changes to its content. You can cut some parts or break your video into shorter clips, transcribe it to make it crawlable for search bots, or redistribute it to make it available for a wider range of audience. In every case, don’t forget the call-to-actions. Ask your viewers to share their contact details that would allow you to send future materials specific to their needs and interest.

The key is to make videos that supplement your email marketing campaign. Videos are often overlooked when it comes to building a strong email list, but they can come in very handy as you work on growing your email list with fresh, opt-in contacts. All the methods outlined above can help you build an effective email list through video marketing, which, in turn, can be used to nurture and convert your leads into future potential customers.

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Shahzada Ayub
Shahzada is a Content Writer and Marketing Strategist who has 5 years of experience writing content and managing digital marketing campaigns for companies in diverse industry verticals. He specializes in helping businesses gain online exposure with the help of quality content, SEO, Social Media and other online marketing approaches. His key areas of interest are IoT and Marketing Intelligence.

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