7 Content Marketing Tricks to Turn Your Visitor into Your Buyer

Content Marketing / September 28, 2017

The advertising industry is widely competitive, and it is evolving at a fast pace.

New technologies and trends are being developed round the clock. In order to stand out in the sea of brands, your company needs to get innovative and creative. And your marketing strategy for 2019 needs to adapt to these changes if you want to be in the race. In order to achieve the best results, you will need to adopt some of the trends listed below and delight the potential customers with a different approach to marketing.

Think big. Think VR, AR and AI. These are just some of the technologies that will change the way you do business online.

#1. Live and On-demand Video

Live video has been an enormous trend in 2018 and you can expect it to become even bigger in 2019. Brands are turning to live video because it creates a real-time connection with the customers, drives engagement and response. Live video streaming is cost-effective, it creates excitement about product releases, increases awareness about events, and drives a lot of traffic to your pages.

The video, both live and on-demand, have shown to be extremely useful within the companies as well. Trainings, meetings and company news are now announced through videos, as they help maintain company culture, and build trust with the employees as well as clients. Not to forget about the huge chunk of money it saves for your company. If you do not know how to start incorporating video within your team, check out what Cisco and Oracle did.

#2. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

One of the trends that is becoming sensational is the use of interactive videos in marketing – 360 videos, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These technologies are more progressive than regular video and are delighting customers with an interactive experience. VR and AR give you a competitive advantage, as they allow you to showcase your products and services in an innovative and engaging way. Your customers are swamped with content wherever they go, and you need to keep updating your marketing strategy in a creative way to make them stop and look at your content. This technology offers customers more interactive experience than usual, and they are more likely increase your sales and customer visits.

#3. Use of Storytelling

Brand storytelling is not a new concept in the marketing world and it seems that many companies are yet to jump on this bandwagon. By telling honest, genuine, and real stories about your brand, as well as your customers, you will be seen as a human and not a company. And today’s customers appreciate brands they can make connections with. Stories evoke emotional reactions, they are powerful and captivating. Turn your own experiences into content – how the company started, what took you to get it to where it is now share everything about your product like you would share it with your family member. Talk about the struggles your brand faced in the past. You can also turn to those customers whose lives were changed by your products or services. Write about their experiences. Give your audience a hero they can connect to, and you will have their attention.

#4. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising could be the future of digital ad buying. With it, you can buy ads online within seconds, and they are shown to people on various sites, starting with social media. Getting the ad space online has become easier than ever. However, that means that the modern consumers’ displays are cluttered with ads. This is why consumers have been blocking ads, with ad blocking tools as well as mentally. The consumers do not react to sales messages as they used to, making marketers think more creatively and try out different things. Programmatic advertising will need to get smarter in 2019. We are expecting to see the rise in user testimonials and other kinds of content that brings value to the audience. Furthermore, sales talk will slowly disappear from the ads.

#5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest and one of the biggest buzzwords in the marketing world today. So far, we have witnessed a rise of chat box which are now widely used on Facebook and websites. Chat box are practical because they allow a brand to maintain customer relationships on lower budgets. They offer a personalized experience to every customer. Additionally, they are quick and can gather information that can be used for personalized marketing strategies. Consumers do not mind talking to chat box, especially if they are well created and can solve their problems quicker than a human would.

AI is also getting smarter within the programmatic advertising, helping you to reach the right users, in the right place, at the right time, providing you with results that are more cost-effective than ever.

In Conclusion

What do you think will be the biggest trends next year? Have you tried any of the above strategies? What were the results? Let us know, and contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions.

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Bojana Djordjevic

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With more and more brands entering the social media marketing arena, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to attract, retain and grow a strong and loyal fan base on social platforms. A run-of-the-mill social media advertising approach is no longer helpful. To generate better engagement businesses today need to quickly figure out what is interesting and most relevant to their target audiences.

Your social media strategy in 2018 must be different from what you’ve been doing in the past. In other words, you need to keep abreast of the most crucial social media trends that will determine your success toward better customer engagement and increased brand loyalty.

Facebook, Twitter, and Linked are known as the BIG THREE of social media. 22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook.  More than 450 million users are on LinkedIn.  89% of world’s businesses with 100+ employees use Twitter for marketing purposes. These are astonishing facts, but what is more important from a marketing standpoint are the latest trends that are changing the course of social media advertising. Let’s discuss them one by one!

#1 Personalized Content

There is so much clutter on social media now. People have long lost interest in generic events, boiler-plate offers, irrelevant products, gimmicky marketing slogans, or invitations with no personal appeal. It seems the only way companies can break through this clutter is by getting a deeper insight into what their customers’ needs, liking, and preferences are, and then formulate a content strategy based on the findings. Any promo content in the form of a video, graphic, text, audio, or animated content you put out into the social space must be contextually relevant and resonate well with your prospects’ needs and requirements.

The problem with today’s social media platforms is that users have become quite immune to pretty much everything. Even the best of the content finds it hard to cut the mustard! Reason? Because people can’t bite off more than they can chew and, as you see, there’s an infinite amount of content being churned out by marketers every day.

Nevertheless, today you can also utilize the tools that were not available to the previous generation of marketers to help you make your content super specific for the end-users. You can use data to gain a proper insight into your potential prospects’ needs and then come up with a personalized approach to content marketing.

#2 Chat bots

Chat bots, the apps you interact with through a chat interface, have gained increased popularity throughout 2017 and would continue to. What makes them so viable for marketers and social media users alike is their ability to provide instant information and uninterrupted customer support. Chat bots are easy to use. They save your prospects’ time.  And, they have a personality too!

According to a survey conducted by Aspect, 49% of consumers prefer interacting with companies through text, chat, or messaging. For millennials, texting is even more effective means of communication. Although using a human touch in all communications is generally preferred, using chat bots to eliminate the limitations that are associated with humans is rather more acceptable. If a chat bot can understand our problems and resolve them in the shortest time possible, it’s exactly what people are looking for!

Facebook chat bots are one example of this artificial intelligence. They can be embedded into third-party platforms to provide personalized experience for the end consumers. ChattyPeople, MEOKAY, Smooch, Botsify, Chatfuel, BotKit, and Telegram Bots are the other Chatbot Platforms you can use to build a custom chat bot for your own business or social media channel.

In a nutshell, businesses that are willing to leverage the power of social chat bots for customer service are going to win the game in 2018. So, leverage this technology now!

#3 Influencer Marketing

As the level of noise increases on social media, the clutter starts keeping your content out of the reach of the end-users. Building relationships and engaging your audience on social platforms has become more difficult today than it has ever been. The content clutter is constantly increasing, causing marketers to shift their focus on influencers and Thought Leaders for their brands’ promotion. According to, 421,920,000 statuses are updated, 195,840,000 photos are uploaded, and 100 million hours of videos are posted every day on Facebook. Clearly, it’s getting noisier than you expect in the years to come!

The idea of influencer marketing is to overcome this excessive noise and to build relationship with people who can build relationship for you. Or taking a step forward, to help you influence the purchase decisions of your targeted customers. It is believed that word of mouth is the most valuable form of advertising. An article from Mckinsey’s research says that 20-50 percent of all purchasing decisions are influenced by word of mouth (whether online or off-line). This really reinforces the fact that investing in influencer marketing will pay off given the fact that people are more receptive to recommendations from the individuals they respect and trust more than the ads they see on social media or elsewhere.

#4 Live Video Marketing

Live video marketing has become a sensational trend and many renowned brands are using it as an important element of their online marketing mix. Live videos have greater appeal, they are more effective in generating “in the moment” value for the audience, as well as in achieving greater engagement and response from the end-users. If you’re not sure how it can be done at a business level, you can look through some shining examples from renowned brands like Buzzfeed, Grazia UK, and Dunkin Donuts.

Facebook Live will continue to dominate the live video marketing segment in 2018. If you want to engage your followers, get instant feedback from end users, and increase your overall fanbase on social media platforms, Live Videos are the future tool. Use it to help you effectively achieve these goals.

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Shahzada Ayub
Shahzada is a Content Writer and Marketing Strategist who has 5 years of experience writing content and managing digital marketing campaigns for companies in diverse industry verticals. He specializes in helping businesses gain online exposure with the help of quality content, SEO, Social Media and other online marketing approaches. His key areas of interest are IoT and Marketing Intelligence.

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There’s no denying that online video has surpassed the expectations of several analysts over the last 12-24 months. The rise of video across the internet has been unprecedented, and if recent research is anything to go by it’s only set to continue. Cisco estimates that by 2019, 80% of the internet will be video content.

Naturally, the driving force behind a dramatic rise in any new technology or service is usually the consumer. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that online video consumption is on the rise given the fact the the amount of video watched via mobile devices is steadily rising every year.

Research conducted by Ericsson in their Mobility Report showed that already over 50% of video consumed by users online was on a mobile device. With users able to watch video online 24/7 wherever they are, they have complete control and access to online content.

So, what are key reasons why video will continue to rise, and thus, be the future for content marketing?

Video length and consumption trends

A crucial benefit to online video content versus online text is the rate at which the user can consume it. According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”

Not only that, but it’s proven that video is more influential than written content, with 59% of company decision makers stating that they would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.

Social media and the impact of virality

You have to consider the impact of social media. Social platforms have placed a significant priority on video content over the last 12-18 months, meaning that your news feed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others will be full with more video than ever before.

A knock on effect of this is that more businesses and marketers have had to adapt and in turn, create more video content. With increased demand comes an increase in supply in a perfect market, and this is exactly what is happening.

On average, businesses are now producing 18 videos per month, and 85% of businesses now have content creators or staff allocated to specifically develop video-based content.

Live and on-demand video replace television

The impact that live video has had, particularly on social media, cannot be understated. That, combined with the improvements and increased availability of on-demand video content across mediums likes Netflix, Amazon Prime and even by mainstream networks, has meant that regular television has effectively been replaced.

The power of live video lies within it’s potential; it’s potential to be unpredictable and at the same time informative. People now have live updates available through their social networks, on their mobile devices, at the tap of button.

In short, the rise of online video is due to a combination of factors, but primarily the recipe of social media, mobile, and live/on-demand video. This has prompted a trend that is only set to continue, particularly for content marketers who are tasked with the job of meeting the increasing demand for further online video content.

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DigitalLagos News Staff

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Conversion is the key indicator, which attracts all Internet marketers. It is the cause of all online rivals and intense competition between world companies. And today, we suggest you consider seven key content marketing tips and tricks that will help you to turn your visitor into a buyer. So what are we waiting for?

1. Effective and Targeted Content

The first and the most substantial trick is the content efficiency. The qualitative content can help you to win potential customers. Simplicity and surprise will entice your visitor to interest your product. Only reliable and verified information is able to turn a casual visitor of your website into a buyer.

Almost 70% of online specialists believe that the most difficult task is to create exciting content.

2. Tempting Headlines

The second tip is a really tempting headline for your content. It can help you to attract the attention of a potential buyer. Today, users receive so much unnecessary information that they have used to ignore it. The task of the correct heading is to get attention. Show that this is exactly what a person needs at this moment. Be sure to give due attention to its creation.

3. Use Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience

A British electrophysiologist, a researcher of the nervous system, Edgar Dale has proved that people remember information in this ratio:

  • 10% of read
  • 20% of the heard
  • 30% of seen
  • 50% of the information they discussed
  • 75% of practiced
  • 90% of information retold to another person

There is something to ponder, right? This research could be useful for your content creation strategy.

4. Spreading in Social Media

Now let’s talk about social media promotion in digital marketing. Here, you should engage as many social networks as possible. There are many of your potential buyers. So you can create a plan of posts for each social media and publish the material with a certain periodicity. After all, social media marketing is one of the most essential tools for any business!

content marketing tips

5. Optimization

Content marketing tips for startups always include optimization. But it is a MUST not only for business beginners but for everybody. Because content should be convenient for search engines. Your material should take the first place in the search. Why? This position brings a lot of free traffic!

6. Convenience of the Content Perception

One of the most actionable content marketing tips is making the content easy to perceive.

35% of companies are confident that the key to their success is the creation of enticing content.

But without an audience, your content is simply powerless. How often do you read a blank sheet of text on several screen turns? Most likely, you close the page and look for something else. Your client is the same!

7. The Ability to Distribute Your Content

The last point of our content marketing tips list is that you can create social media buttons so that users can share your information. In addition, you should create the most useful material, which is likely to share. Remember that the main task of content marketing is creation of such information that could interest your visitor. As a result, a person will come back to you again and again to make purchases.


Content marketing is the extremely promising direction of business promotion. People trust each other and buy from each other. This means that competent content and marketing strategies can bring the glory of an expert in your niche, new customers, conversion growth, and profit to your campaign.

Still not sure where to start from? Contact

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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