Why YouTube Video Marketing Matters

Video Marketing / February 12, 2018

As we have already explained, the best way to show your business on the best side is to show it with web video production. In this article, we’ll look at such a unique marketing method like storytelling through video.

High competition in the market forces the company to increase the level of customer confidence. To this end, the brand should not only decorate itself with loud slogans and original design, it is enough to tell who they are. To do this, you need to tell where you came from.

The history of the company is a unique marketing tool. This instantly increases the level of trust, as customers become interested in how you develop and start to feel like a small part of a big deal. Yes, it’s true, they feel it subconsciously.

Marketing storying in the corporate video production  is not a documentary. If you have never dealt with this, you should learn the basic techniques of the right promotional video.

Take Short Videos

Quick videos are the new black in 2018. Advertising has become very fast. People do not want to spend too much time on you and your brand, but they will gladly get to know you closer in 60 seconds.

Many believe that for a story about your company in the online video marketing, it’s 60 seconds. And this is the truth. By making your video longer, you run the risk of losing interest in the viewer. So, the first rule is to make a short video.

Get the Viewer to Remember You

For this advice, we have a couple of tricks. First – make a catchy intro. This means that the first 2 seconds should completely enchant the viewer and make him know about your company. It can be a bright slogan or an impressive picture but do not blame it all at once… A person should be concentrated on something bright, but unambiguous.

Be Honest

Nobody likes liars. You can rely on the fact that no one will check the information you provide in the video, but sooner or later the truth will be found. It is important for modern companies to maintain their reputation, so do not fantasize to create another impression of yourself. Tell a true story. If it is not interesting, tell us about your plans and advantages.

Solve the Problem of the Client

Even if you talk about yourself, you should think about the client. Your task is to satisfy the customer. You can not say “we invested this money so you could buy more.” In business stories, if this is a marketing video, no one really talks about business. They talk about how the service was created, aimed at offering the CLIENT the best product.

Seeing your story, they should know that you are trying for them. You devote all your time to what you love and gladly give them a part of yourself. It is these thoughts that should remain with the client after watching your video. The story of the business that you will tell clients at the meeting, and the story for clients – are two different stories.

Scenario and Design

Of course, the technical part of creating a video. You should hire the best video marketing agency, the best video editors, and scriptwriters. Even uploading videos to YouTube, you run the risk of failing if your video is worse than your competitors.

To begin with, you should independently study trends by viewing dozens of commercials with company stories. Find out what attracts you, pay attention to the design. Then you can discuss all this with your team.

Watch this video to learn more:


Corporate video film makers are sure that video marketing is the most effective advertising tool for Generation X. It is the modern generation that is targeted for most businesses because they are active Internet users and people ready to spend money on new things. Use modern opportunities.

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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The rise of video marketing is evident, and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. It’s a good thing there are so many tools that one can use to create high quality videos at a reasonable cost. But once your video is done, what’s next?
Making good video content is one thing, but finding the right home for it is another. Let’s take a look at the most popular online platforms built for videos and see which of them would fit your needs the most.

# Facebook
Facebook offers quite an extensive reach with its 1.65 billion monthly users. It also allows you to target specific audiences and filter out those who will not benefit from your content. By default, videos automatically play the moment a user scrolls past it, making it easier to grab the audience’s attention.
But Facebook has its drawbacks as well. Video quality is compromised, for instance. And considering the audience’s attention span, you also only have 10 seconds to grab a Facebook user’s attention; beyond that, they scroll past your content.
As for your budget, posting a Facebook video is absolutely free. But if you want to boost your video content, you can do so by shelling out a reasonable amount.

# Instagram
Over 50% of brands who use Instagram for video marketing admit that Instagram Stories has been beneficial for them. Add to that the fact that Instagram has over 500 million daily users, and you’ve got another tool that can potentially boost your reach.
Instagram is the perfect platform for your videos if you’re looking for a much younger audience. Knowing that this is a platform meant for visual content, you know that the crowds here already expect the kind of content you’re about to deliver, so there are less chances of being rejected as long as you are able to grab their attention right away.
If you’re hoping to deliver longer videos, Instagram is not for you. It has a 60-minute limit, which can be a challenge if you have much to say. Re-sharing content is also not possible.

# YouTube
YouTube is definitely the go-to when it comes to video content with users consuming more than 500 million hours of YouTube video each day. Uploading videos is also absolutely free. And if you are yet to invest on your own video creation software, YouTube also has its own video editor that is easy to use, albeit a little primitive when it comes to features.
The only downside to using YouTube as a platform is the fact that it is already flooded with similar content. This is why you’ll have to make sure you plan your approach well for you to stand out.

# Vimeo
YouTube may have a bigger number of users; but if you’re targeting a specific creative niche, Vimeo is the better option. Vimeo also gives you the advantage of not having to worry about ads playing before your own video plays. This is one common problem for YouTube users, especially when viewers start opting out of watching their video the moment a pre-roll ad is cued.
Vimeo is also known for producing high-quality videos, so you can expect content on Vimeo to be better curated.

While each of these platforms have their own pros and cons, you always have the option to utilize all of the above as you see fit. As long as you know your audience well, you’ll know which of these platforms would reach them more efficiently and would result to better numbers in the end.

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DigitalLagos News Staff

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It’s a myth that modern society has stopped reading. No, we continue to do self-education to reach the same heights as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Well, perhaps we are exaggerating, but still, the fact remains – we are still reading.

Another thing is that the text around us has become too much. Advertising signs are full of slogans, offers, and promises. It’s tiring. People are tired of everything that makes them think again. People need entertainment. What informs us and entertains at the same time? That’s right, it’s video.

No, no, we will not stop using the text at all. But now we will use the text as an addition to the web video production, and not vice versa. Dynamic and interactive advertising gained such speed that people no longer want to perceive other types of advertising. Let’s look at why the text is bad as a marketing tool.

1. Impossibility to Show General Information Quickly

We are talking about the fact that the text makes it long and continuous to read it, so to get to the essence and the sentence, we should spend a lot of resources. That’s why we no longer use ads in newspapers – it’s long and inaccessible. Do not force your client to make their own way to your product or service – provide it so that the client himself will follow you.

What to do? Use online video marketing with the minimal amount of text and lots of visualization. Do not come up with complex stories. Make it as simple as possible and shorter.

2. Emotion and Brand Sentiment

The main problem with the text is the inability to see emotions. You can describe your mood in a whole book of 300 pages, but the reader will not be able to accurately reproduce this as well as you have in mind. Similarly, you can not only explain the text to the client, rather than your product better than others. But you can show him because aesthetics is one of the best weapons of corporate video production of our time.

What to do? Create a unique and beautiful product and show it as often as you can. Even if your product can be shown in the photo, use the brightest and most dynamic videos using your product.

3. Lack of Dynamics and Movement

Why do cartoons attract children more than books with the same vivid pictures? Because cartoons have movement. It is obvious. But how much do adults differ from children? Is that only because they can buy the product that you are advertising. The movement attracts the gaze of any person, whatever that is. The text, obviously, is deprived of this advantage and many enter into anguish.

What to do? Take the search for an excellent video editor and shoot bright and dynamic videos that will attract the attention of adults.

4. Limited Audience

Okay, we exaggerated when they said that all people read. No, if to conduct a marketing research, you will see that not everyone likes to read. However, absolutely everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube or Facebook. Admit, you also love. Not everyone will pay attention to the text ad, but everyone will pay attention to the dynamic video.

What to do? Corporate video film makers suggest to distribute the video in those places that have a broad audience and target. For today, this is the best way to get real customers.

5. Dissemination

A situation similar to an audience – places for textual placements are not as popular as places for video advertising. Even if you post a video on the website of a printed publishing house, you will still be forced to attach a video. That’s why it’s best not to waste your time on newspapers, magazines and text blogs if you have a limited marketing budget and you intend to spend it effectively.

What to do? If to conduct a marketing research of the video industry, you will see that each video marketing agency tries to choose popular sites for placing video advertising and do not be afraid of competition – you are sure to find your client there.

These 5 simple and obvious reasons show that you should not waste time on ineffective and irrelevant ways of advertising in our time. Video marketing is the best advertisement today and it should not be neglected.

Still have questions? Contact Digitallagos! 

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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Facebook is the most visited social network in the world, while the video is considered the best type of advertising at the moment. If you combine the two most powerful marketing tools, you can get the most effective advertising of your product or service. Let’s see how to properly advertise a Facebook community using video.

Why Video

In 2015, Ted Zagad, an advertising specialist for Facebook, said that in two or three years the video would be the main advertising tool on the site. And he did not deceive us.

The video is used in advertising campaigns with the following goals:

  • Redirect people to the website
  • To raise publications
  • Increase the number of conversions on the website
  • Receive video views

With the help of online video marketing, you can create individual audiences from users who have watched the video. By the way, more recently this feature was only available for companies with the purpose of receiving video views. Now audiences are automatically created in advertising campaigns with other goals, for example, any video marketing agency is able to increase the number of conversions. Let us remind you that individual audiences are needed for further retargeting.

How to Write a Script for a Video Advertising

Corporate video film makers say that the ideal length of video advertising of Facebook community is 15-20 seconds. For this duration, five sentences are sufficient. In these proposals, you must:

  • Grab attention
  • Arouse interest
  • Summon a desire
  • Create a conviction
  • Call to action

Grab the Attention of the Viewer

Grab attention with the help of the question. Focus on the pains or desires of the audience. Think about your customers’ problems, difficulties or desires. Then they are not happy? What are they striving for? Think about how they feel about it.

Cause the Interest

After you have captured the attention of the audience, you need to hold it. Hint to users that there is a solution that will help solve their problems. Use at this stage the words “new” and “easy.”

Call the Viewer’s Desire

Describe your proposal so that the viewer wants to use it. Focus on the specific benefits of your product or explain how you differ from competitors.

Create a Viewer’s Conviction

At this point, use one of the six triggers that drive people to action:

  • Reciprocity
  • The principle of consistency
  • Social evidence
  • Sympathy
  • Authority
  • Deficiency

Triggers of social proof, authority or deficiency are suitable for the video. You can attract a famous person who will show that they are using your product or service. Limit your offer in time or quantity. Say how many people have already used your offer.

Add a Call to Action

The easiest way is just to tell people what they need to do after watching the video:

  • “Call now”
  • “Order”
  • “Sign up”, etc.

So, the video on Facebook is a powerful tool to attract the attention of potential customers to your community. Rollers are played in the news stream automatically and without sound. That’s why your video should immediately start with traffic, contain text and be intelligible even without sound.

Tips for Promoting a Facebook Video of Your Community

Use web video production analytics to determine the optimal video length! Now, in addition to counting the likes, with corporate video production analytics, you can determine how long people are viewing your video. When creating new ones, consider these parameters:

  1. Duration of viewing
  2. Total views
  3. The number of unique views
  4. The number of views, both paid and organic
  5. How many people watched 95% of the video (audience retention)

After determining after what time the majority of visitors complete the preview, you will learn what the optimal length to make the next video. And finally, advertise your videos. This is a guaranteed way to show your video message to a wider audience.

If you’re targeting, then video ads on Facebook can be a great way to increase traffic on your community page. Start advertising with a small amount. We recommend testing ads and increasing the amount only when you see a pleasant number of responses.

At Digitallagos, we continue to offer all the essential information required for your success in the video marketing. 

Want to know more? Get in touch!

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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The way to create a successful channel is very rarely direct. A more familiar picture is a series of falls with a set of valuable life experiences. How not to make the stupidest mistakes when making a video on YouTube? Let’s analyze why not all bloggers on YouTube become popular and what to do to avoid their mistakes!

Mistake #1. Focus on simple, single-word tags

SEO is an indispensable part of YouTube web video production. But any experienced SEO-marketer will tell you that in most cases, try to outrun larger sites or channels for a single word for which they already received a high rank is not worth your effort. In Youtube, these tags are likely to be without any benefit and benefit to occupy valuable 300 allowed in characters.

It is better to concentrate your time and strategy on finding topics and phrases that are relevant to the essence of your channel, and for which not many video/articles are done. A great way to find key phrases is by using a free plugin from VidIQ that shows how often the tag is used in other videos, and how often Youtube users drive it into search.

Find the “golden mean” – tags that are searched often, and yet do not have a lot of loaded material. Instead of playing “King of the Mountain”, build your mountain. Contrary to expectations, the Internet still has many topics for which you can shoot unique videos.

Mistake #2. Use unfiltered tags in the video description

Terms of Use of Youtube prohibit the direct placement of tags in the video. For this, you can get a strike for violation of the Community Principles, lose monetization, and, in extreme cases, earn a removal channel.

The right technique is to use a description to place an informative text. Nobody forbids the use of relevant tags as part of the text, taking into account that the text itself has a direct relation to what is shown in the video. As a rule, Google indexes articles with a length of more than 300 words.

  • Incorrect use of the video description: “Video lesson, SEO promotion, earnings on the Internet.”
  • Correct use of the video description: “In this video, you will see tips on SEO promotion to increase your earnings on the Internet.”

You can use up to 5000 characters in this field. The most important are the first 2-3 lines (depending on the number of characters), as they are visible before clicking the “More” button.

Mistake #3. Miss the ability to set unique icons

Even if your online video marketing channel has the most interesting video, if the icon does not look interesting, then it’s likely that few people will watch the video. In order for your video to stand out from millions of others, the appearance should match the standard of your channel. As they say, they meet on clothes. Therefore:

  • If possible, use the human face on the icon: the eyes are the window to the spectator’s soul.
  • Use bright, catchy tones (but the main thing is not to overdo it),
  • Do not use too much text – it can be difficult to read on mobile devices.
  • Try to use your branding on the icons (the logo of the channel in one of the corners, only not in the bottom right because it is closed by a figure with the duration of the clip).
  • Test it! Measure the number of views for one week, change the icon, in a week compare the data on views.
  • On the use of persons – people subconsciously primarily pay attention to the face, so our psychology is arranged. In this article from Business Insider you can see the heat map of user activity – something that people primarily pay attention to in advertising.

To create icons in corporate video production, you can use the VISO Catalyst application for Google Chrome.

Mistake #4. Miss the opportunity to categorize material on thematic playlists

Any video marketing agency can say that if you have more than 10 videos on the channel, chances are great that there are several subjects in these videos. For example, if you have a channel with a game theme, the video can be broken into playlists for games. Thus, the viewer will have a choice what to watch on your channel, and, most likely, will lead to a greater metric of keeping the viewer’s attention, thereby translating into a larger advertising revenue.

Mistake #5. Use simple and uninteresting channel design

Corporate video film makers always say that your channel is your brand. Your brand is what the audience will return to your channel: this includes an easily recognizable logo, a cap for the channel, your voice, your sense of humor, your appearance, your video processing skills, etc.

The first thing to do is a logo. If you do not have strong design skills, you can order an inexpensive copy on sites like (prices from $ 5 per work), or ask someone to design in exchange for one of your skills. You can create a request for skills exchange through the Collaboration tab in VISO Catalyst (in the Collaboration Type section, select Skill Swap). In the same way, you can get a header for the channel.

And the main rule is to make content as interesting and exciting as possible. Try to make your next video better than the previous one and never follow one position. Always improve your YouTube blog and your subscribers will appreciate it!

Want to know more? Contact Digitallagos!

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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7 Content Creation Tips to Help People Remember your Brand

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Being memorable is essential to every brand. It increases brand awareness, gives you competitive advantage, builds trust, loyalty, and increases results. Companies today benefit from customers having access to online video marketing at their fingertips, 24-7. And as your brand awareness increases, marketing new products and services also becomes a lot easier… because people remember and trust your brand’s reputation. Let’s look at Apple and Android, for example. I’m sure you have a favorite between the two. If they introduce a new product into the market, how likely are you to try it just because you trust the brand?

But how can your brand reach that level of recognition? Here are 7 content creation tips that will help people remember your brand.

# 1 Be Unique

With so much competition, you have to stand out. Being unique among your competitors is easier than it seems. You have to essentially, shut-off the noise and focus on what matters to you as a brand. Create personal content that reflects your values and mission statement. Take the time to build or re-build your brand so that your online video marketing campaign reflects those values and sets you apart from your competition. And always keep in mind that brand is so much more than what people see. Your brand will also become memorable based on how it makes people feel – and the little details like colors and fonts, all contribute to making your brand unique, leading the audience to remember it.

# 2 Know Your Audience

Tone is essential to content creation. Know your audience and create audience driven content. Does your audience respond to humor? Do they respond to inspirational messages? Ensure that your audience can benefit from the content that you are sharing. If the message grabs their attention, they will remember you.

# 3 Creative Brainstorming

Creative brainstorming is something that a lot of brands miss out on, and it is such a unique way to better your brand’s online video marketing content, while keeping the audience engaged. Creative brainstorming, whether by engaging your team or a test audience, will allow you to truly think outside of the box, bringing fresh new content to your audience.

# 4 Use Custom Images

Visuals allow us to process more information, faster. When those visuals align with your brand identity based on tone, colors, and by displaying your logo, you have the perfect marketing tool in your hands. Look at Nike for example. Nike uses its Instagram to share custom images, many of which focus on motivational and inspirational content, which aligns perfectly with their brand identity.

# 5 Use Videos

There are a few reasons why Instagram increased their video capabilities by allowing you to record 60 second videos, instead of the previous 15 seconds – people love videos, and brands can use this creative tool to share their brand’s story, demonstrate products and services, and more. And although images can be powerful and emotional, videos can take that to new levels.

Currently, photos still show more views than videos on Instagram, but it’s only a matter of time before that changes.

# 6 Quality

Quality content is valuable. The best type of content is the one that serves your audience and helps them in some way. That is the type of content that gets shared all over social media, and converts general audience into customers. Having well branded content is part of that quality.

# 7 Consistency

Whether through images or videos, always be consistent. Adding your logo and/or tagline to all of your content, will not only protect your content, but it will increase brand awareness. Be consistent with the tone of your messages, the colors used… with every single detail – always ensuring that your content aligns with your brand identity.

In a culture where content creation has become so essential for every brand, following the tips above will allow your brand to stand out among the competition, making your online video marketing campaign memorable.

Learn more about Digital Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Video Production, and more, at Digitallagos.



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Daniele Lanzarotta
Daniele Lanzarotta has a MBA in Marketing and works in brand development, audio & video editing, and film production. She enjoys writing about marketing, movie reviews, and fiction novels.

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Why Not All YouTube Bloggers Become Popular

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Videos are the best advertising tool for today and for good reasons. They simultaneously attract the attention of the potential client, do not overload the perception, focus on the right things and stimulate the purchase. Is it worth making an online marketing video ad to run it on the most popular Internet platforms? Definitely, yes, if you want to maximize the popularity of your product or service.

Requirements for Video on Youtube and Facebook

Requirements for video advertising on YouTube and Facebook are similar to their basic requirements which many platforms now request. Any video that you upload to the site within the rules of the service can be advertised. It is forbidden to publish content containing:

  • Content that can be identified as potentially dangerous and induces dangerous actions of people with unstable minds. Materials calling for dangerous actions
  • Discriminatory materials or materials that somehow infringe on human rights
  • Naturalistic content that can shock the audience
  • Insulting or intimidating content
  • False metadata, spam or fraud
  • Content for which you do not have copyright

Other rules you can read on the pages of YouTube and Facebook but the main idea is clear – the video should cause people only positive emotions and do not contradict the basic ethical guidelines. In order to make the advertising video even catchy, corporate video film makers should adhere to the marketing approach, which we will discuss further.

What You Need to Create a Video

To make a professional video, you need a couple of corporate video production professionals. Do not think that you will learn how to shoot yourself after several video tutorials. The return of potential customers and the effectiveness of advertising directly depend on the quality of your advertising. So let’s see what we need to do in order to make a cool video.

Start with the idea. In order to implement a good project, you must first have an idea and plan. You can hire an advertising agency that will do everything for you, but if you do it yourself, then you will have to study marketing research. Learn about the main advertising trends that are currently used, see the videos of other companies from your niche and read the advice of marketers. Depending on the topic of your video, do not be afraid to apply bold and provocative solutions that will attract the attention of viewers (within the rules of service of course).

Of course, the video marketing agency will do it faster and, perhaps, better than you and your team, but if you are ready to take everything in your hands, this is not a problem.

How to Create a Video

To calculate the budget for a video, first of all, you will need to determine the required length of the video. The minimum recommended video length is 30 seconds. During this time, a person will have time to understand the basic idea of ​​your product and remember it. But it depends on the scope of your business. Some companies shoot 5-second videos and this is the optimal length of the video, for example, for sponsors of film screenings.

The second important point in creating a video is the first seconds. It is known that the first seconds of video can force the viewer to stop and watch the advertisement. On YouTube, for example, very high competition among high-quality commercials. Looking at the video, it’s easy to stumble upon an ad that will not leave you indifferent. So do not be afraid to go beyond and come up with something that will definitely catch your attention.

If the intro attracts attention, then the completion of the video should carry the main idea. A person should understand what product you have presented and make sure that he is worthy of attention. Do it so that he will remember the name of your brand.

And the basic rules of a successful commercial:

  1. A catchy plot
  2. A bright picture
  3. Quality content

Do not forget about such important details as shooting quality, correct sound, color solutions, memorable slogans and texts and other components of the commercial. All this is combined into one promotional product and creates a reputation and impression of your brand.

How to Promote a Video

The launch of advertising on YouTube and Facebook differs only in the formats of services. Let’s start with YouTube. Here there are several types of commercials: standard TrueView, In-Display, and In-Stream. On the service, there are special instructions that will help you determine the necessary type of advertising and will give some marketing recommendations on what should contain the video and how to set up targeting.

Next, configure the other options that an advertising campaign requires on the service: from the name of the ad to the targeting. To properly target, you may need specialist help. Also, select the budget for the day that you are willing to spend on advertising. From the budget depends on the frequency of your ad. Other instructions and recommendations for launching can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube.

Creating an ad will require a little knowledge and participation of web video production specialists, as well as a certain budget. You should not do everything without preparation, because in a competitive environment like social networks it is difficult to profit from poor-quality content. Keep an eye out for other our articles and news to stay abreast of the latest developments in creating content for social networks.

At Digitallagos, we continue to offer all the essential information required for your success in the video marketing. Join us today and enjoy our useful materials!

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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YouTube is one of the most competitive platforms for bloggers and one of the most effective online video marketing tools. This combines the entire range of content, which can be: photo, video, audio and text. You need to make it all to create a good channel. This may seem difficult to you at the very beginning but when you master the basic rules of promoting a blog on YouTube, it will start to bring you fun and, actually, some money. Let’s see how to make blog popular from scratch.

Make a Good Content

Any advertising methods and any video marketing agency are ineffective if shoot bad content for YouTube. Unfortunately, most of the newcomers face this problem even if they do not suspect it. So first you need to make sure that your content is interesting for someone.

Statistics of the service can be for youtubers both motivating and depressing at the same time. Every day, 1 billion viewers watch 4 billion videos. What does it mean? You have to deal with crazy competition in the web video production industry.

Gone are the days when bloggers with low quality videos became popular just because they showed something new. Now it is really difficult to find a new topic. Even if you think that your content is unique, most likely, it has already been shot by other people. Therefore, you just need to make it better and add your own share of originality.

Practical advice: Follow a few steps to make sure that your content is interesting to people:

  1. Learn the popularity of the topic
  2. Learn the target audience
  3. Conduct a survey to know that is interesting to viewers

These simple steps will help you avoid the most disappointing mistake of all beginners of YouTube – investing bad content. But with a reasonable approach and our advice, you can easily make your blog popular and profitable.

Take Your Time to Learning

If you watch and read the most famous bloggers, they will surely tell you the story about how they started filming for YouTube while being teenagers at a time when nobody was making money on it. Unfortunately, we can not turn back time and now we have to play by the new rules.

Practical advice: Read articles on marketing, study the activities of other bloggers, watch other people’s works and constantly try to learn new information. This will help you not only to popularize your blog but also to stay in the trend when you become popular. You can use YouTube to obtain targeted information.

Spend Money on Marketing

Back to the question that content is not enough for the rapid development of the blog. You can become popular on YouTube without the funds for advertising only if you already have an audience that will come to your video blog. But we are considering how to become popular from scratch.

Practical advice: Promote your channel on YouTube through campaigns, collaborate with other bloggers, use social networks – these are the main tools of the popular channel.

How Do Your Subscribers React?

Do not believe the vicious comments of Instagram stars that it is not worth reading the comments. The main rule of activity on YouTube is that you should never ignore the reaction of your subscribers. Even if it’s hayters (well, not always). Carefully follow the opinion of the majority to find out which videos should be film and what to consider when releasing a new video.

Practical advice: Respond to positive comments as often as possible, mention your subscribers in the following videos and let them know that you can hear them and appreciate their support.

Make Them Comment and Subscribe

Especially when you only have a couple dozen subscribers. First, do not act like superstar having a hundreds of thousands of views. On the contrary, answer all the positive viewers and thank for the feedback. Ask people to subscribe to you and leave comments. Even the most popular corporate video film makers do it.

Practical advice: This may seem bothersome but it does work. Remind viewers that they can subscribe to your channel, like and comment.

By following these simple rules, you can make your channel popular and monetize it for 4-7 months. Of course, this figure is individual and depends on your individual qualities and efforts. For example, some bloggers may become popular in 1 month, and some do not do this for several years. In any case, remember that you should make that content that is interesting to you and your corporate video production will be top-notch quality.

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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What does the perfect marketing video look like?

Although there is no magic answer, there are several traits that the most successful marketing videos have in common. The traits found in this article are some of these commonalities, and all are inspired by scientific findings. Use these tricks in your next business video production to tap into the psychology of the viewer, and drive engagement.


1. The Fast Hook

Our primary goal in this stage is get the viewer’s attention. But you don’t have all day to accomplish this. If your attention-grabber is just 10 seconds into your video…your already too late.


Surprisingly, humans only have the attention span of 8 seconds, which is the equivalent of a goldfish. Therefore, according to marketing psychology, you must go for the immediate hook.


Getting the viewer’s attention through a short 3-5 second intro is a great way to accomplish this. But as soon as the catchy intro is over, you have to immediately hook them again to keep them engaged. Accomplishing this has become the latest challenge in video production and video marketing.


2. Keep it Unpredictable

The objective at this stage of your marketing video (4-6 seconds in) is to ensure you keep their attention past those first 8 seconds. As noted, this is one of the biggest challenges for video marketers.


Turns out, there is a scientific reason for this. The Broca’s area of the brain, that is responsible for language comprehension also acts as an information filter. It filters out any information that is irrelevant or predictable, before we even have a chance to consciously process it.


The way to break past a viewer’s Broca’s filter is to make your video unpredictable. This can be achieved in a variety of different ways. Some video producers compare two seemingly unrelated products…like flip flops and skiis. Or show products in unexpected settings. Such as a skier, decked out in a thick coat and hat in the middle of Nigeria.


This unpredictability can also be achieved through the power of words.


3. The Power of Story

Your next goal as a video producer is to get the viewer’s commitment to giving you their full, undivided attention. Marketing psychology says we can achieve this by telling the viewer an unexpected, and powerful story.


Chances are, your marketing video’s audience has seen or heard about your product or a similar product before. To avoid their bounce, and achieve unpredictability, turn your go-to facts and benefits into a meaningful story that your viewers can identify with.


A story is both unpredictable and powerful to the human brain. Facts and stats only light up the language centers of the human brain. Stories, on the other hand, light up all parts of the brain, including Gustatory neurons, the Olfactory system and our motor cortex.


This brain activity indicates that something bigger than simply rational thinking is going on here. This brand narrative is driving consumer emotions towards the brand. According to Psychology Today, these emotions act as the foundation of consumer action…buying action.


The power of story doesn’t just have a present impact. Stories are also 22x more memorable than facts, so your viewer will keep you in mind even after your 30-second video has ended.


4. Auditory and Visual Combo

The intention of video marketing is often to help your audience achieve a genuine understanding of your brand or product. This is achieved most efficiently when the information in your video is portrayed simultaneously through audio and visuals.


As described in “The Psychology of Visual Marketing Content,” humans give preferential treatment to visual content. This is because are pros at processing visual information. Up to 90% of the information our brains process is visual. All this experience enables us to process visual information up to 60,000 times faster than text-based information.


Given what we know about text-based information, it is best to record an auditory voiceover of your story during the video production process. Music and sound effects can also aid in unpredictability or cuing certain desired responses.


Produced alone, visuals and auditory information perform well. But the combination of captivating imagery and music or story-based narration shows extremely successful results. The visual-auditory coding combo results in a 74% boost in your viewers’ understanding of your brand or product.


5. Emotion-Driven

The ultimate objective for business video production is to drive consumer action. For consumers, emotions are the driving factors that push us toward action. According to professor of neuroscience, Antonio Damasio, in response to an emotion, humans are enabled to make decisions, and are compelled to do something.


Damasio’s research subjects are people who have damaged connections between the “thinking” and “emotional” areas of the brain. This research shows that the subjects retain their full ability to process all information regarding the available choices. However, they lack the ability to make a decision between those choices.  


This connection between consumer behavior and emotion is well documented. A viewer’s emotional response to a commercial has far greater influence on his or her intent to buy than does the ad’s content (such as facts) by 3 to 1. The takeaway here is that consumers buy on emotions, not information.


To help you achieve this emotional response, you can use the power of storytelling and the auditory and visual combo. Replace your typical go-to facts and features with your heartfelt brand story. Once you’ve set the emotional narrative, drive consumer action with a strong Call to Action that reinforces, or alleviates the viewer’s emotion.



During your video production process, apply these tricks to attract viewer attention long enough to drive an emotional response. If you can successfully implement these marketing psychology tricks, you will see success in your video marketing.


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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays. Every day, 800 million active users upload billions of photos and videos. At the same time, Instagram videos get 2 times the engagement of photos that any other social media platform! Of course, paying attention to these stats, marketers, and entrepreneurs do not avoid the opportunity to develop their business and use Instagram videos to attract new customers. But because of the high competition, not everyone business video production succeeds. Many cannot draw benefits from the Instagram for their venture. In this article, we will tell you how to create an effective Instagram video advertising to stand out from the competition, enhance your brand recognition, and maximize your profit.

#1. Come up with the Memorable Idea

The idea is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of your corporate video production for Instagram. Video ad film makers always pay attention to how many of the same videos are present today in the Instagram space. And only some projects have millions of views and become viral. To succeed, be sure to conduct brainstorming, consult with colleagues and friends and try to create a truly unique and memorable concept.

#2. Create Catchy Intro without Sound

When speaking about the implementation, the most important ingredient is an effective start, which will help to stand out from the entire information flow. After all, every tenth publication on Instagram is advertising, and users often just flip through it. To prevent this, corporate video film makers always try to intrigue the viewer from the first seconds of the video. For this, you can use non-standard foreshortenings, bright colors, charismatic characters, atmospheric places and so on. Turn on your creativity and imagine yourself in the place of your target audience. And remember that your intro should interest the viewer without sound. Instagram automatically starts video advertising. It does not turn on the sound but leaves this right behind the viewer.

#3. Follow Instagram Video Requirements

Before you start to shoot a video for Instagram advertising, it would be nice to get acquainted with the requirements of this social network. So, the maximum size of your video should not be more than 4 gigabytes. Also, you must observe a certain aspect ratio. In the case of square video, it should be 1 to 1, in the case of landscape orientation, the parameters are 4:5. Of course, do not forget that the video must pass censorship requirements in terms of compliance with generally accepted norms of morality.

#4. Add an Effective Description

When examining a feed, the user sees only three lines of your ad. The rest of the text hides behind the ellipsis. Try to make the first words of your description involving, intriguing, catchy so you can instantly attract the attention of visitors. Be sure to make short, concise offers, and say something unusual, unexpected, shocking or even strange. Address your audience as “you” several times, emphasizing that you wrote the text thinking about your visitor. And of course, try to follow the reaction of readers and adjust the description of your Instagram video advertising. Finally, do not forget about hashtags.

#5. Do not Forget about a CTA

We will not exaggerate if we say that your Instagram video ad production will not be useful if it does not have a Call to Action. Again, in today’s online space, users can simply forget why they’re watching your video. Therefore, it would be wise to remind them of the essence of your message. Push the viewer to a specific action: join your community, subscribe to your account, experience the benefits of your product or service, and the like. Statistics show that an effective call to action can double your conversions, so CTA is must-have for any video content.


Let’s sum up our recipe for successful Instagram video advertising. First, the video must have a strong catchy intro at the beginning, and the same CTA at the end. It should also have a concise description with relevant and competitive hashtags, and meet the requirements of the social network. In the end, do not forget that the most important secret of effective video lies not only in successful implementation but also in a successful original concept. Everything begins with an idea and continues with the effective epitome.

Still have questions? Contact!

instagram video advertising


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It’s no exaggeration to say that videos are going to be the single most dominant element that will capture the attention of internet users in 2018. It’s amazing to see how the use of videos is constantly gaining popularity among the marketers. As per Cisco VNI forecast mentioned in Tubular Insights, videos will make up about 79% of global internet traffic by 2020 – up from 63% in 2015. Video marketing has gone too far to be labeled as ‘up-and-coming’ tactic. It’s right here, and it’s a significantly powerful way to engage with your target audience and grow your subscribers list. Harnessing the power of videos to build your email list requires a systematic approach which I will be discussing in this blog post in an easy-to-understand way. All you need to do is read through the techniques carefully and then try to implement them for your business.

Without further ado, let’s jump on to the techniques and discuss them one by one!

Adding cards/annotation to your videos

The links that you add to your videos are called annotations. Most of the times annotations on specific video channels are set to direct viewers to other relevant videos in the row, but if you can optimize your video annotations for targeted traffic, you will be able to direct the viewers on to your own website and provide them with steps they can use to subscribe to your platform. Some channels, like YouTube, have slightly different ways to point viewers to specific URL. On YouTube, you can use cards to add more interactivity and direct your viewers to other videos, channels, or associated websites. Here is a quick video to help you set it up in the right way!

Including CTA in your videos

It is great if you’ve already started with video production to promote your business online, but it’s even more crucial that you master the techniques to help you get the most bang for your marketing buck. If you are not able to generate leads or get your viewers to interact with you on an ongoing basis, your strategy has a definite room for improvement. Optimizing your video marketing for conversion can help maximize your chance of getting measurable results. One of the best ways to optimize your video is the inclusion of brief, persuasive CTA towards the end of all your videos. You may not give it more than 5-8 seconds but it’s important whatever you say is appealing enough to cause a stir. Simply put, it can be a “join-my-list” type of commercial that comes with a promise of providing something of value. In any case, make sure your corporate video makers understand the Conversion Optimization aspects of video production.

Setting up video landing pages

One of the primary reasons behind setting up video landing pages is their ability to boost conversion and prompt users into taking meaningful actions. As per Instapage, video landing pages boost conversions by as much as 80% and if you design your page around the principles of UX and UI, collecting information from your prospective customers becomes relatively easy. To help you build a great video landing page for your website, look at the examples pages of 20 companies they have discussed in their research critique. Or, I would recommend you to see Unounce’s great compilation to stir your creativity in crafting amazing video landing pages.

Using video links in social updates

If you have social media pages for marketing, you’ll want to leverage from videos as much as possible. Use them in your updates and don’t forget to include your email list commercial there as well. If you’re able to get the attention of your desired audience, you might discover a fresh stream of subscribers.

Using videos in your emails

Video emails get across easily, hook the viewers, speed engagement and therefore stand out from other email communication. So, it makes a lot of sense that you use videos in your email marketing. As per a research by eMarketer, about half of the marketers who utilized videos in their email campaigns saw higher click-through rates, increased sharing and increased time spent reading the emails. The key is to use more videos in your emails and optimize them for best results. Include call-to-actions like “who do you think can benefit from this video, forward now!”, and add an invitation to join your list right below your main CTA.

Optimizing your video channels for email signups

Every video you publish on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or elsewhere, should have a description that contains an effective CTA to join your email list for timely notifications on future materials. Techniques like including your email subscription CTA above the fold of your YouTube description are going to improve your signup rate drastically. Nonetheless, don’t forget to do some A/B testing before selecting a final CTA for your video channels as it really helps figure out a pitch suited to your target audience.

To sum up, it is hard to overstate the influence of video marketing, neither can you argue with the effectiveness of using videos to grow your subscribers list. Videos are engaging, entertaining and easier way for people to digest information. If you’re already investing in video marketing, it’s time you make the most of those resources by utilizing the techniques I discussed above. You’ll see your email subscribers list grow exponentially and campaign performance go through the roof!

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In today’s digitally driven society, there’s certainly no shortage of videos to watch when you want to pass the time, have a good laugh, or learn something new. Everyone from large corporations to mom and pop shops are using video, or video ad production, to market themselves. Even the guy who lives in his mom’s basement across the street and trains mice has his own YouTube channel. With so many marketers, entrepreneurs, and laymen using video as a meaningful tool for captivating audiences, it’s imperative to approach your marketing videos from a business standpoint if you want them to stand out amongst the sea of video content that’s available online. Today we’re going to share some tips for creating a buzz around your marketing videos, and how to keep viewers talking about them for months.

Shocking YouTube Facts

We weren’t joking when we said the guy from across the street was on YouTube. This popular video platform has over 1.3 billion users. In fact, on any given day an average of 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! If you think that’s shocking, think about the 5 billion videos that are viewed on this platform each day. That’s a whole lot of traffic, and an incredible amount of competition if you’re just entering into the video marketing space. The good news is that with 30 million visitors to this website each day, you’ve got a lot to work with in terms of creating videos that will hold value for your target audience.

Expert YouTube Advice

With so many people competing for views on YouTube, experts on the topic say it’s essential to approach your videos from a business standpoint. Here we have a video from an expert whose niche is specifically YouTube videos and channels. He walks viewers through defining the type of videos they want to create and share, and how to make them stand out.

Use an Elevator Pitch

Once you’ve narrowed down your video topic, based upon what your target audience will find value in, it’s essential to focus on the messaging of your video. The best strategy is to put together a 15 second elevator pitch for your company. Here’s some advice on how to put together a 15 second elevator pitch for your video from Forbes using a messaging map.

Add Movement

Nothing captivates an audience more than the right choice of color, sound and movement. Movement is an excellent way to bring attention to your videos and make them unique. Here’s a great YouTube video we found that offers 4 simple tips for making your videos stand out with the use of movement in your opening shot. This is the first step in reeling viewers in, and holding their attentions.

Ensure Your Content is Buzzworthy

In addition to adding movement to your opening clip, you’ll want to incorporate content that’s buzzworthy. Some ideas for content topics that are buzzworthy include:

  • TrendsMotivational Content
  • How-To -or- Tutorial Videos
  • Parody Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Animated Content
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Complaints or Rants
  • Public Speeches or Lectures
  • Videos Responding to Popular, Recently Posted Videos in Your Niche

Now that you have the tools you need to plan a buzzworthy video that will keep your target audience talking for months, it may help to have a team of skilled web video production experts on your side. Having a team who knows the ins and outs of making a professional video is key in ensuring your company develops an equally reputable web presence. A reputable video production company can produce a high-quality video that will highlight your brand, and showcase your content for your target audience.

If you’d like the assistance of a team that is capable of shooting in 1080p and 4K⸻using the industry’s standard with ultra-high definition video footage, we can help. For more information, contact today.

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On a daily basis, we see a number of business videos come across our social media feed. Among those, there are promotional videos, which introduce us to new products and services, and testimonial videos featuring celebrities opening and reviewing products. It’s no secret that the use of business videos in marketing campaigns has become a powerful tool in increasing brand awareness, audience engagement, and ROI, but in order to have an effective video, there needs to be planning. Planning will help you have all elements of video production ready to go, so once you reach the production and post-production stages, you can successfully complete your project on schedule and within budget. Here are 5 essential stages of planning a business video:


The first essential stage of planning a business video is goal setting, and this will set precedence for the remaining planning stages. During the goal setting stage, you should define the purpose of your video, which will narrow the message. Whether it is a promotional, brand positioning, testimonial, or other types of business videos, the message will revolve around a specific target audience. Who are they? Are they of a specific age group, demographics, etc.? Once you have defined your target audience, you should establish a schedule determining the project’s deadline. This will allow you to plan your marketing campaign surrounding your video. And finally, set goals in terms of budget.


It’s probably strange seeing distribution & promotion as the second stage of planning a business video – even before script, crew, and locations, but here is the thing… social media completely changed our accessibility to distribution and promotion, and different distribution channels have their own rules to follow. Determining distribution and promotion type will have a direct impact on the length of your video, which will impact the length of your script. If your video is for Instagram or Facebook, as instance, you will likely want it shorter than a business video that will be featured on your website. You don’t want to spend time creating a five-minute script when your goal, combined with distribution and promotion plans, require a quick 30 seconds video ad to get your message across. Distribution and promotion will also determine the video output(s) needed.


Now that you know the goal of the video, the target audience, and the ideal length, you can brainstorm the script. Knowing the audience and goal, will help you set the tone. In order to reach the reaction that you want and make your message memorable, should your video be funny or serious? Two main questions to keep in mind while brainstorming the script are: “How do you want the audience to feel?” and with the video’s purpose in mind, “What action do you expect from the audience once the video is over?”


Writing the script will help you set the tone. Planning visual content will ensure that the visual aspect of your video aligns with that tone. Here you can determine what style best fits your message; as instance, would you benefit from using animation? Also, your brand should have a direct impact on the visual appeal of your business video. Does the visual content align with your business goals? Does it align with your brand’s message and values? Does your company logo appear on the video? Those are all essential elements to plan ahead; after all, that is how your audience will associate the video with your business. The last thing you want is your audience saying, “Oh, I just saw this amazing video. What is the name of that company again?”


Who is going to produce your video? Your budget and timeline determined during stage one, will help in selecting a production company, but other important elements to consider are professionalism, quality, and experience with business videos. A great crew will ensure that you have a high quality video and they will know the value perfecting your video based on the above plans, while giving valuable feedback. Plan to have a list of questions to ask potential companies. Production companies will not only have quality equipment at their disposal, but they usually assist with finding the right location and actors, within the budget they agreed on.

Throughout every stage, remember that communication is the key. Ensure that your team knows your goals and expectations. Effective communication during and after the planning stages is essential in ensuring that plans are followed.

Whether you are in the planning stages of your business video, or if you are ready for the production stage, Digitallagos offers a truly inspiring creative strategic approach. Our team can shoot in 1080p as well as 4K, the latest in ultra high definition video footage. Contact Digitallagos.


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Daniele Lanzarotta has a MBA in Marketing and works in brand development, audio & video editing, and film production. She enjoys writing about marketing, movie reviews, and fiction novels.

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Many marketers and business owners alike have made attempts to develop effective marketing strategies for promoting their brands. What many of them fail to realize is the psychology behind both sound and color, which should be taken into consideration when developing marketing plans that involve content, such as video. This is because both color and sound can elicit emotions that impact purchasing decisions. There is power in the right use of color and sound when creating marketing videos. The ways in which color impacts our brains may be used to impact consumer spending and purchasing decisions.

Sound also influences physical behavior. While fast music energizes, slower music provides a calm and soothing effect. This is great for leisurely shopping and decision making. In fact, calm and soothing music has been known for increasing sales by 38%, according to studies.

In this article we’ll discuss the psychology behind sound and color, and how using such marketing techniques can tap into the emotions of your target market. We’ll first start by discussing how using psychology in marketing can yield a desired emotional result within your audience. If you’re a business owner or marketer, you owe it to yourself to learn more about colors and sounds in an effort to determine the best, most effective combinations to use for your next marketing video. If you’d like some help producing your next video, this can be accomplished through help from, a professional corporate video film maker in Nigeria.

Colors That Elicit Certain Emotions

Color psychology, the study of the effect that color has on our behavior, reveals that different colors evoke different emotions and behaviors. Knowing how each color influences emotion can help you better plan your marketing strategies, and video production is no exception.

  • Blue: Associated with trust. It also evokes feelings of calmness, discipline, being formal, and being articulate.
  • Green: Associated with prosperity. It also evokes feelings of progressiveness, peace, freshness, balance, and the environment.
  • Red: Associated with energy. It’s also associated with excitement, vibrancy, enthusiasm, action, and being a rebel.
  • Yellow: Associated with being cheerful, as well as evoking feelings of warmth⸻being active, and innovative.
  • Black: Associated with power, being classy, expensive, evil, and uncompromising.
  • White: Associated with purity, as well as cleanliness, innocence, neutrality, and a sense of space.

Colors, Sound and our Surroundings

When we are exposed to certain colors, they have an influence on our state of mind and our emotions. Some are relaxing and calming, whereas others appear loud and vibrant. There are two primary categories associated with colors:

  • Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are typically associated with warmth and comfort, but could also be linked to anger and hostility.
  • Cool colors such as purple, blue and green evoke feelings of calmness, but also feelings of sadness.

Colors have a great impact on our mood, which is why they should be selected carefully when making marketing decisions. Another example includes the use of the color purple. Purple creates a fine balance between serenity and stimulation, which lends itself to creativity.

Like colors, music also evokes different emotions. Some music or sounds make us feel energetic, upbeat and happy, whereas others make us feel down, or sad. Music also triggers memories in the brain that cause us to respond differently. Not only does the right choice of music and sound make marketing videos more memorable, but it can also heighten absorption, attract attention, and help communicate messages.

The psychology behind music has an influence on the emotions, moods, perceptions, and preferences of consumers. It enhances both memory and association, while arousing emotions. Music has such an effect on our mood that it holds the power to influence the purchasing and decision making processes of consumers.

Savvy Marketing

Savvy marketing experts and those who create business video productions understand the psychology behind both sound and color, its impact on marketing and advertising, along with its ability to display either positive or negative messages, produce high or low energy, trust, or other captivating emotions that trigger certain decisions.

If you want to add the right sound and color to your next marketing video, the professional video ad film makers at can help. We can shoot videos in 1080p, in 4K and the standard ultra-high definition video footage. To learn how we can integrate the best color and sound to evoke the right emotions for your target audience, contact today.

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You have heard about the benefits of YouTube video marketing, but doubt whether you need to invest money and time in it? Perhaps you think direct sales are more effective as the result is easy to evaluate right away. But the corporate video production is a long-term investment, and if you want to develop your business and outrun competitors, YouTube video is your faithful assistant. Let’s understand why this way of promotion matters in our times.

1. YouTube Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

This is the first and most important argument. The fact is that almost every modern website has an inserted YouTube video. No wonder, because video can increase the conversion by 80%. Withal, 74% of customers make a purchase after watching the video. Of course, there are users who prefer text, but the human brain perceives and processes visual information much better. This eventually has a positive effect on the profitability of your venture, and here is why YouTube video content is developing so rapidly in recent years. Another reason: your customers are often guided by emotion when buying, not by logic. And using video, corporate video film makers can easily create the suitable atmosphere for a purchase decision-making.

2. YouTube Marketing Pays off the Investment

Many entrepreneurs are convinced that high-quality video ad production requires a lot of time, expensive technologies, and qualified specialists. But there is still no doubt that the result pays off this investment. Moreover, you can create incredibly popular YouTube video using a smartphone only. In many cases, the lack of production and more live shooting conditions can be an advantage of your result.

3. Effective YouTube Marketing Creates a Trusting Relationship

Whatever it was, YouTube promotion helps to bring you closer to the client, show your product or service in action, remove all customer’s fears, and create a sense of individual approach. 57% of users say video gives them more confidence. And trust, as we know, is the basis of sales. The whole concept of content marketing is built on trust and on the creation of long-term relationships.

4. Google Supports YouTube Marketing

Video increases the time visitors stay on your site, watch your product or service, etc. This, in turn, raises your source to the top of the Google search results. After all, Google “sees” that the user has found some useful information on your website and raises it higher. YouTube’s promotion opportunities are almost limitless in this regard. Try to use video wherever it is appropriate.

5. Videos are Promoted by Social Networks

YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world. Thus, any YouTube video has more likes, shares, and comments compared to text or photos. With simple tools, you can tell the world about your new video content. This means that if you publish a new video, users see your content much more often in the news feed.

6. YouTube Marketing Increases the Conversion

Video in an email increases the number of clicks by 96%. And just the word “video” in the subject of the email increases the open rate by 19%, transitions by 65% and reduces the percentage of unfollowing by 26%. And this is a great way to “revive” the base of email subscribers. More often than not, users are willing to watch the video voluntarily, and this is the main reason for increasing the conversion of advertising campaigns in business video production.


YouTube video marketing is one of the main vital tools of online promotion today. Social networks and search engines actively promote this type of content. YouTube video marketing has practically no shortcomings, and at the same time, it can boost your sales significantly. That’s why this kind of promotion really matters.

Still have questions? Contact us

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