5 Secrets of Brilliant Online Sales that Everyone Knows but Nobody Uses

Marketing Tips / September 26, 2017

What does the perfect marketing video look like?

Although there is no magic answer, there are several traits that the most successful marketing videos have in common. The traits found in this article are some of these commonalities, and all are inspired by scientific findings. Use these tricks in your next business video production to tap into the psychology of the viewer, and drive engagement.


1. The Fast Hook

Our primary goal in this stage is get the viewer’s attention. But you don’t have all day to accomplish this. If your attention-grabber is just 10 seconds into your video…your already too late.


Surprisingly, humans only have the attention span of 8 seconds, which is the equivalent of a goldfish. Therefore, according to marketing psychology, you must go for the immediate hook.


Getting the viewer’s attention through a short 3-5 second intro is a great way to accomplish this. But as soon as the catchy intro is over, you have to immediately hook them again to keep them engaged. Accomplishing this has become the latest challenge in video production and video marketing.


2. Keep it Unpredictable

The objective at this stage of your marketing video (4-6 seconds in) is to ensure you keep their attention past those first 8 seconds. As noted, this is one of the biggest challenges for video marketers.


Turns out, there is a scientific reason for this. The Broca’s area of the brain, that is responsible for language comprehension also acts as an information filter. It filters out any information that is irrelevant or predictable, before we even have a chance to consciously process it.


The way to break past a viewer’s Broca’s filter is to make your video unpredictable. This can be achieved in a variety of different ways. Some video producers compare two seemingly unrelated products…like flip flops and skiis. Or show products in unexpected settings. Such as a skier, decked out in a thick coat and hat in the middle of Nigeria.


This unpredictability can also be achieved through the power of words.


3. The Power of Story

Your next goal as a video producer is to get the viewer’s commitment to giving you their full, undivided attention. Marketing psychology says we can achieve this by telling the viewer an unexpected, and powerful story.


Chances are, your marketing video’s audience has seen or heard about your product or a similar product before. To avoid their bounce, and achieve unpredictability, turn your go-to facts and benefits into a meaningful story that your viewers can identify with.


A story is both unpredictable and powerful to the human brain. Facts and stats only light up the language centers of the human brain. Stories, on the other hand, light up all parts of the brain, including Gustatory neurons, the Olfactory system and our motor cortex.


This brain activity indicates that something bigger than simply rational thinking is going on here. This brand narrative is driving consumer emotions towards the brand. According to Psychology Today, these emotions act as the foundation of consumer action…buying action.


The power of story doesn’t just have a present impact. Stories are also 22x more memorable than facts, so your viewer will keep you in mind even after your 30-second video has ended.


4. Auditory and Visual Combo

The intention of video marketing is often to help your audience achieve a genuine understanding of your brand or product. This is achieved most efficiently when the information in your video is portrayed simultaneously through audio and visuals.


As described in “The Psychology of Visual Marketing Content,” humans give preferential treatment to visual content. This is because are pros at processing visual information. Up to 90% of the information our brains process is visual. All this experience enables us to process visual information up to 60,000 times faster than text-based information.


Given what we know about text-based information, it is best to record an auditory voiceover of your story during the video production process. Music and sound effects can also aid in unpredictability or cuing certain desired responses.


Produced alone, visuals and auditory information perform well. But the combination of captivating imagery and music or story-based narration shows extremely successful results. The visual-auditory coding combo results in a 74% boost in your viewers’ understanding of your brand or product.


5. Emotion-Driven

The ultimate objective for business video production is to drive consumer action. For consumers, emotions are the driving factors that push us toward action. According to professor of neuroscience, Antonio Damasio, in response to an emotion, humans are enabled to make decisions, and are compelled to do something.


Damasio’s research subjects are people who have damaged connections between the “thinking” and “emotional” areas of the brain. This research shows that the subjects retain their full ability to process all information regarding the available choices. However, they lack the ability to make a decision between those choices.  


This connection between consumer behavior and emotion is well documented. A viewer’s emotional response to a commercial has far greater influence on his or her intent to buy than does the ad’s content (such as facts) by 3 to 1. The takeaway here is that consumers buy on emotions, not information.


To help you achieve this emotional response, you can use the power of storytelling and the auditory and visual combo. Replace your typical go-to facts and features with your heartfelt brand story. Once you’ve set the emotional narrative, drive consumer action with a strong Call to Action that reinforces, or alleviates the viewer’s emotion.



During your video production process, apply these tricks to attract viewer attention long enough to drive an emotional response. If you can successfully implement these marketing psychology tricks, you will see success in your video marketing.


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Digital Marketing Highlights from the Merkle Q4 Digital Marketing Report That Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

The latest round of complete digital marketing statistics was recently released by the long-time trusted, data-drive source – Merkle’s Digital Marketing Q4 Report (DMR). The data reveals some astounding (and some also not so surprising) statistics and insights that every digital marketer should know when evaluating your and optimizing your digital marketing strategy.

In this article you will discover some of the most useful stats in digital marketing today, ranging from SEO, to social media, to web video production. You will also be given insights from the data that you should use to develop your digital marketing strategy.


Social Media Paid Advertising:


1. Paid Facebook ad impressions drop 27%

This 27% drop in alignment with Facebook’s agenda to optimize the user experience, reformatting the content and content types that are put in front of user. In case you missed this, a couple months ago, Facebook publicly stated that they want users to see less business page and ad content, and more personal, original content coming from within the users’ network. As a result, the ad spend growth also went down significantly. Yes, the chart says +20%. However, the previous three quarters saw a 40% increase, so really the growth of ad spend is down significantly from the previous months.

facebook impressions drop and ad dollars spent do not grow as much

I was actually surprised by this. I predicted the growth rate would be down, but I originally thought it would be less than 20%. This somewhat steady growth is likely a result of one of two things: 1. Marketers just were not fully aware of Facebook’s content plan, or 2. Facebook is still a strong resource for paid digital marketing. After all, it still has really great stats as far as impressions and conversions go, and has absolutely amazing resources that enable advertisers to target a very specific audience.


2. Alternatively, Instagram’s impressions increase 99% – resulting in a major increase in ad spend

One of the highlights of the DMR is the investment and subsequent growth of Instagram. I am so happy this finally happened, because this is something I have predicted over the last several years. The reason for the increase in impressions (and let me be clear here, that this is not in the report, but a result of my own analysis and predictive marketing tactics) is they are simply “doing it right” oh behalf of their viewers.

instagram impressions grow and so does paid advertisement

Instagram has impressively found a way to provide the specific type of content that their audience wants. With Instagram… 1. You’ve always gotten visual content, which is both trendy and psychologically driven, 2. You’ve always gotten the latest content trend types (including stories, moving images, multi-image galleries, gifs and auto-playing short videos) 3. You’re always getting original, high-quality content that’s highly customized to each individual viewer. And it’s not polluted with fake news and ‘cheap’ advertisements. Because the content standards were set high from the beginning, the standards have always remained high. This is why the high-quality web video production is required for any video you plan to use on Instagram.

This also explains the 122% increase in ad spending. Another factor explaining the sharp increase in ad spend is the potential to monetize on Instagram’s recent December update, which allows users to follow specific hashtags. Additionally, as a Facebook-owned platform, marketers can take advantage of all the targeting capabilities that Facebook has to offer. For these reasons, it’s no wonder that Merkle predicts Instagram will continue to outpace that of Facebook.


3. Twitter Ad spend increased 44%, while the impression growth was only at 12%

While 12% does reflect a modest growth in impressions, this does not at all match the 44% increase in brands’ ad expenditure. The most likely reason for this increase is not from increased ad purchases, but instead the rising cost of click and impression pricing for Twitter – which they justify by saying that engagement is also going up. While I am biased, having never been a firm believer in Twitter marketing, I think that even Merkle would agree with me that paid Twitter ads should not be the largest portion of your social media budget this year.

twitter impressions do not see a large increase

Mobile Social Media


4. 75% of website visits from social media are done on a mobile device

Well, this one may not sound like anything new, but it’s an important reminder. It’s important because as a viewer (and potential customer) I, myself even find that it’s not always easy to access the website from the social page or post. Perhaps this is why only 4% of website visits come from social media. So make sure that it is easy for every viewer to access more of the information that peaked their interest from your social media page.

sharing on social media continues to increase on mobile devices

Another important thing to keep in mind is that perhaps social media shouldn’t be about bringing traffic to your website. If your primary goal is SEO, then you want the traffic and your social media should be optimized for that. However, if not, then you’re still getting impressions and giving valuable education to the viewer that is still contributing to your marketing efforts. In this case, focus on making a strong impression, but just a click to your website. As a social media user, I prefer my social media experience to stay within the platform (not going out to other web pages), but I am certainly still influenced by the content I see from businesses and ads. The best types of content for making strong impressions on your customers are always visual. The best content type is video, followed by moving images or gifs, custom images and infographics and then text.


Organic Search & SEO


5. Organic search produces largest growth in site visits in 2 years

The total number of website visits as a result of organic search grew by 6% – making this the strongest rate of growth since 2015. An even more notable number is the mobile organic search visits rate, which grew by 15% in the last several months.

We should also note that as advertisers were busy pushing bids for paid desktop search ads, this in turn, showed a slight rise in desktop organic search visits (after this percentage had fallen sharply the previous year). So content marketers, make sure to also keep up with paid advertising costs.

organic search continues to rise on phones


As digital marketers, we are all very aware that the digital marketing space is ever-changing. Two years ago, no one would have imaged Facebook’s impressions dropping 27 percent! This is why it is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and statistics. Use the most recent


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We in digitallagos have never met any business owner who does not want to know some brilliant (and simple) secret of online sales. They pack sales techniques books, articles, advice, visit master classes, conferences… But sales secrets for small business lie in front of their noses without any benefit. Yes, and you, most likely, know these sales techniques and strategies as well… but do not use them. Want to fix it? Let’s go!

Secret #1. Write Warm Emails

Your first contact with a potential customer should not be cold. We are convinced that before you sell something, you need to warm up the relationship with a potential buyer. Buy from a friend is easier than from an absolutely third-party seller who calls you unexpectedly and often at the wrong time.

Get acquainted with your potential customer before you make the first call. Use warm email marketing to build a more personal relationship with every potential customer.

Secret #2. Become a Leader in Your Niche

To succeed in online sales, you need a NAME in your digital marketing strategy. By recommending yourself as an expert and a leader in your niche, you will gain the trust of potential clients even before the first time you communicate with them. This gives a huge advantage and increases your chances of success in online marketing.

Let us dwell on a couple of points:

  • Demonstrate your usefulness to the client;
  • Build a powerful brand using social media marketing;
  • Gather social evidence (reviews, cases, publications in the media…)

Secret #3. Provide a Reliable Support

If you want the sales to go well, you should do more than just sell.

Become a client for your clients, so they will go to you with their questions even after the sale closes. Change your status in their eyes from the ordinary seller to the provider of solutions to their problems. If you become a reliable source of help for your clients, they will repeatedly thank you in return.

Secret #4. Use Sales Scripts… Wisely

Scripts are perhaps the most controversial thing in the world of sales. The script conversation kills the sale. When the seller says the learned text, it’s instantly audible. But! Talking to a client without preparation is no less a terrible crime against sales closing techniques.

sales secrets

So one of our next sales secrets to success is to prepare a script for the conversation. However, this should not be a hard script, but rather a cheat sheet. These sales secrets and negotiation skills move will help:

  • not to lose the thread of conversation;
  • do not forget about the key points;
  • work out the client’s main objections.

Secret #5. Do Not Sell At All

Surprised? Let us explain. Imagine that you got a potential client. Just 1 step prevents you from the sale. You are already looking forward to a successfully closed deal, but… the client is not ready, wants to think, he does not have money, and so on and on…

Getting a lead is not yet a success. You need to work hard to convert it into a client. Concentrate not on the desire to sell but on building relationships.


Already knew all of these strategies? Maybe you did not read about them but intuitively felt that this or that way is right. Now you can safely implement this sales techniques list. We are sure the results will convince you even more!

Still not sure where to start from? Contact

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Vyacheslav Khmelkov

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